Ssoooooooooooo PROUD!!!

Anyone remember/notice my comment earlier in the week that Jess was stressing herself into not being able to sleep? There were two reasons for it. First was her flute Bronze Medal Test (a kind of Grade 1 trial run). Well that went well apparently, but she won’t get ANY feedback for at least another couple of weeks, as all exams are marked remotely from a video taken of her performance.

The other event causing her worry was her part in her school club’s entry into a Bradford Schools’ talent competition, known as the Junior Rock Challenge. This was the kinda local-only kid brother to the national senior schools’ Rock Challenge series, which in Bradford takes place at St.Georges Hall. Though there are hints the juniors may get promoted there next year, the fact is this year’s wasn’t a big affair, as the college hosting it could only cope with an audience of around 400, but still …

Anyway, half a dozen local primary schools all put together 5 minute dance interpretations of a chosen topic title [Be Your Best], and performed them to a full house of family members and three judges. The whole thing was properly filmed (so I’m hoping there’s a DVD to come), compered by a local radio DJ, and was actually pretty impressive.


I’ll admit they were helped by pulling the last-on-stage ball out of the pre-show draw hat, but their set was truly excellent. Choreographed by Jess’ ex-cheerleading teacher (& private danceschool owner) Helen Wragg, how on earth the thirty of them got through a performance like that without knocking each other flying is beyond me, let alone delivering a performance that had me absolutely spellbound.

So yeah, I‘m almost as, no, I’m even MORE chuffed than my eldest daughter is, but that’s not actually my main reason for posting this. One of the factors in Shibden Head’s success was the soundtrack they put together for their five minutes, which was so in-yer-face infectious that their ever-so-slightly off-topic interpretation of the theme got past the judges without penalty. Based on a children’s book called Giraffes Can’t Dance, they had a five minute “Jungle” mash-up soundtrack, which was an absolute riot. Well, if I’ve finally got it right, here it is as a musical quiz.

NB – I do NOT, repeat NOT, have a list of artists & titles, so am in no position to issue ‘Spill points, but I figure you lot should be able to identify all of the snippets contained within. Fingers crossed . . .

16 thoughts on “Ssoooooooooooo PROUD!!!

  1. Congrats to Jess and pals! And sympathy on the stress-related sleep problems – suffice it to say, I empathise…

    Amid the jungle mayhem, I recognise:

    Guns ‘n’Roses: Welcome to the Jungle
    Kool & the Gang: Jungle Boogie
    Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine: Rhythm is Gonna Get You
    Lady Gaga: Just Dance

    Maybe I’m getting old (you are – factual Ed), but I don’t get all the fuss about Lady G. Sounds like Eurodance from the era of Dr Alban, Ace of Base and Captain Hollywood to me.

      • Sorry tfd – only just seen this. Thanks. Thing is, there’s nothing much anyone can do, is there? The chronic phase will pass – they always have before – it would just be good to find a way to cope with the problem over the longer term.

      • You’re right – worrying will make it worse. I sleep really badly, and while my father was alive (and living with me) I thought it was about that, but he’s been dead for two years and I’m still like it!

  2. nice one family DsD.. congrats to Jess..

    (excellent work on the posting too)

    i think a 50’s hank mizell (or something like that) tune in there – my folks played it when i was about 6.

  3. Can’t listen to the music just now, as Miss Ellie’s got one of her dance tapes on [see what I did there?] and all headphones belonging to this household have gone AWOL – but I can’t wait any longer to congratulate Jess. Brilliant!

    I think it’s about time we got a series of pRRoud paRRent T-shirts done for the crowd. And I also think you should really get hold of a copy of the DVD ‘Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance’ – email your address, Rich, I might have a copy going spare…

  4. Giraffes Can’t Dance? That’s one of the books I read to kids in the library*. Never thought of setting it to music.

    (*nb – I work there, I don’t just approach them at random)

  5. OK, the tunes:

    G’n’R, K&tG, Gloria E and Hank Mizell’s Jungle Rock all correct: I knew those anyway (well, I knew the song Jungle Boogie, didn’t know who did it).

    Don’t know any Lady Gaga, so can’t comment.

    Any more for any more? What’s the opening bars of parping from? Sounds vaguely familiar.

    Thanks for kind comments.

  6. The Jungle Rhythm song is from the film Jungle Book 2 and sung by A Personofsomekind.

    Those opening bars sound dead familiar to me too. Got to be the theme music from a film or tv prog. Which made me think…..

    How come they didn’t include this one??

    Congratulations anyway whatever the songs were innit.

  7. Is the opening music from the old (1942) version of Jungle Book? I’ve sold it, but never actually seen it! I’m sure that ‘Jungle rhythm’ is from Jungle Book Pt. 2, though (my kids love sequels)…

  8. Love the picture. At least indoctrinating the girls will help them and you with the winnowing out of the tsk-tsk boyfriends when the day comes, DsD. What father could do more?

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