The Killer B’s

Renegade Soundwave – Positive Mindscape
Meat Beat Manifesto vs. Orbital – Mindscape (Mind the Bend the Mind)
Underworld – Cowgirl
Jah Wobble – Get Carter [Cliff Brumby Rmx]
Mark Stewart – High Ideals & Crazy Dreams

Cocteau Twins – Spangle Maker
Bill Nelson’s Red Noise – Acquitted By Mirrors
Jam – Butterfly Collector
Yeah Yeah Noh – Bias Binding
Skids – TV Stars

5 thoughts on “The Killer B’s

  1. Enjoying a rare occasion where I can listen to a complete Shoey playlist – thanks to a) having pulled a sickie (and something mildly irritating in my foot) and b) a pair of tinny little PC speakers from Woolworths. Lots of stuff on there I’d never heard before, but I really enjoyed The Jam and the Skids.
    Thanks, Shoey!

  2. Thanks ladies. Hope Mark didn’t blow up your speakers, Debby. Nearly offered up Mr Wobble as a tapeworm, but if you wait long enough the right theme will come along.

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