30 Minutes Over Tokyo – The Final Podcast

Yes! That’s right, may I present to you the final ever edition of 30MOT.

Has some terrible tragedy befallen your 6th favourite ‘Spill-based podcast?

Has your humble narrator stormed off in a huff due to some unnamed and ill-perceived slight?

Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out!

Thanks to anyone who has ever listened to an edition of 30MOT, every one was a lot of fun to make and present to you all!


P.S. For anyone who downloads from Dropbox to listen on their iPod, hopefully, if the images survive the transition to DB, this should be a specially enhanced Podcast with random pictures and some photos of me gormlessly brandishing vinyl and attempting (and failing miserably!) to match my sartorial elegance to the tone of the tune being spun!

20 thoughts on “30 Minutes Over Tokyo – The Final Podcast

  1. Congrats, panthersan, though I had to look up the map of Japan when you said you were moving an hour-and-a-half south of Tokyo, as my idiot’s geography decided you must be moving well out INTO the sea if you headed that far out of the capital!!

  2. we want the photos up-loaded – for those without a screen on their ipods…

    did you have ‘the fred ep’ was it heavenly records bands doing right said fred covers? do believe it had st.eteinne doing ‘I’m too sexy’. it’ll be kicking around here somewhere.

    will you be back with Moving tunes (those that make me cry) or tunes about moving?.

  3. Seems like an appropriate place for me to raise my ugly head again…

    Great ‘cast Panther. Excited to hear about your move. When we all invited round for the housewarming?

    Whenever we move house first job is always to put on My New House by The Fall:

  4. Good luck with the move, and hope you enjoy your new life in the burbs. Not off to join the surfers at Kamakura, are you? I was there a while back, doing the Hakone thing…the lakes, onsen, Tokaido road, the ropeway up Mt. Komagatake…

    Loved the podcast, with a triffic selection of groovy tracks. Have we had moving house as a theme yet?

  5. Thanks for your good wishes everyone.

    @DsD – you are not far wrong, it’s about as far south as you can go this side of Japan.

    @GHE – even further away than Hakone and Kamakura – which are indeed beautiful. If you have applied your video editing skills to this trip too, would love to see it.

    @SKP – good to see you back on the Spill mate and that’s a great tune.

    @shane – I have nothing whatsoever to do with Right Said Fred!!Even a cover version! (did the enhanced version work, do you know?)

    Off to (yet another) meeting with the bank today. The tale of how I persuaded the notoriously conservative Japanese banks to give an hourly paid foreign waster like me a mortgage could have had it’s own Podcast!!

  6. I was just looking for some Desaparacidos to listen to a couple of days ago. I only have two tracks that were on a Saddle Creek sampler.

    RIP 30MOT – it was awesome listening to you, good luck with the move, and I look forward to the new Bucolic Bliss series of podcasts!!

    (is there internets out there in the country?)

    • cheers Blimpy.

      I am a bit worried about that. There is no mains gas (they deliver propane) and there is a mysterious silver tank thing in the back garden which is apparently for some kind of oil to give us hot water.

      But, come on, this is Japan!! Technology is one thing they do very well, i’m sure there must be high speed internet to every nook and cranny of the country……..I hope!

  7. I loved that, Japanther. Loved all the music (particularly Smog and the Jam, I think. ANd the specials of course) and loved your banter, too. I hope the move goes smoothly, and you enjoy your new life. Malcolm and Isaac loved the last track and the one that “sounds like arrows” but I can’t remember what it was called.

    I want to see the pictures, too, but I’m very inept with my ipod. Put them on the ‘Spill!!

    In my mind your move sounds like a Miyazaki movie. You’ll probably meet giant-plush-cat-busses and delivery-service witches!

      • no need to aoplogise Steenbeck, I answer to either!

        Thanks a lot for listening and apologies for the sweariness at the start, I should have put up a warning.

        Some parts of the countryside are still very much olde Japan and very much Miyazaki-esque (except for the flying pigs and delivery witches of course!)

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