Chester Mini-Social Details

OK, as my brother, who even our dad calls ‘Gunner’ Clayton – “he’s always Gunner do this and Gunner do that”, but never actually DOES do things – has let us down in terms of organizing Tuesday night’s venue, I’m imposing a meeting place on us:

The Falcon pub, Lower Bridge Street, Chester. Tuesday 4th January 2011, 1830-1900hrs meetup.,_Chester

There is nothing arranged for food, and I haven’t been in the Falcon for over a quarter of a century, so we may well move on during the evening.

I think you all have my mobile number, but if not, just ask in the comments below, and I’ll make sure you get it in advance.

Hope to see more of you there than just me, Maki, webcore, Tin and DaddyPig. Apologies for non-attendance already received from AliM, williamsbach and gordonimmel.
Awaiting responses from chinhealer, exodus and gremlinfc in particular, but you all know the score; the more, the merrier.


22 thoughts on “Chester Mini-Social Details

  1. Thanks for organising this DsD. Good to put a voice to a name when we spoke this morning.
    DaddyPig, I’ll be having lunch in Acomb with my brother at one one Tuesday. We can meet at three thirty (ish) at the White Rose Centre. I’ll call you on Tuesday morning.

  2. It’s a no from me I’m afraid, guys. Combination of a meet with ex-landlady regarding deposit on Tuesday evening and an early work start on Wednesday morning. Have fun all & hopefully see some of you another time.

  3. Yup, definately can’t make it.

    I’ve already been out down the pub without frauimmel once this week (last night) and I’m hoping to be able to wangle another outing on Wednesday evening to watch the City v Arsenel game on telly aswell as another visit to my local on Sunday to watch the Cities Manchester & Leicester in The Cup. Add to that the fact that I do have to be back in the morning because frauimmel is back at work and I have to get little tessimmel ready for school I think I’m pushing it a bit to try yet another night out.

    Have fun!

  4. I’ll be there, with help from Maki, but unfortunately I don’t have CD-burning technology at the moment – the family laptop is a little netbook without a CD drive, and the work laptop I used last time is safely back at work.

    However, I am having a reluctant declutter to make room from children’s stuff at home, so I’ll select something to offer for swapsies.

  5. Have a good evening folks. I’ll raise a foaming mug of Jasmine tea to your health tonight – yeah, bloomin’ New Year’s resolutions kicking in šŸ˜‰

    Chester Nother Day In Paradise – Phil Collins

  6. Have a wonderful time! Wish I was there – rather than, as has transpired, in a soulless office in Canary Wharf. Especially as it took me twice as long to get here as usual due to delays/cancellations on THREE separate tube lines. Ah, that there London… Particularly galling given the usual massive New Year fare rise!

  7. Chester song at twilight, when Maki’s lights are low
    And the donding Spillers softly come and go
    Tho’ Darceysdad be weary and his CD long
    Still to us at midnight he sings some old rock song
    And Tin adjusts his thong

  8. I’m safely back in Leeds and listening to the cricket, and I understand from DarceysDad that Maki has required some comradely support to ensure a successful return to his hotel. There is a photo on Maki’s phone but patience is in order…

    It was lovely to meet Maki and see DsD, Webcore and Tin again.

    Thanks TY for the lyric !

    • Ah. Now what I said, (or at least, meant! I have had a few drinks myself!!) is that I dissuaded DarceysUncle from calling taxis for us, as I figured a communal walk would be better for our respective health and wealth.

      There’s a photo on my phone too, and if I can see through the alcohol fog, I may well post it myself shortly . . . though bed does seem a very attractive alternative, particularly as the cricket has just got to a 40min break for lunch. Don’t wait up, folks.

  9. Oh, and also meant to thank chinhealer for taking the time to send me an apology for absence earlier in the afternoon.

    Think bed is going to win out over new ‘Spill post.

  10. It was great to meet you all last night.
    I’ll post the photos when i get back to Madrid.
    Thanks for the walk home DsD! Sitting in departure lounge with an hour to go to take off, nursing a large bloody mary and struggling with the Grauniad crossword – this is the life!

    • Could be a bloody large Mary, but I’m not sure if that’d be better or worse!
      Sorry I had to miss the event; couldn’t escape the clutches of the new job. Hope everyone had fun, and that the pubs, various, lived up to DsD’s memory….

      Can’t wait for the pics!

  11. Hi everyone, a great night was had by all. Maki is the kind of guy who could win popularity contests without trying, it was terrific to meet him at last. Tinny, DSD, and Daddypig made it, too.
    I’ll post the tracklist to Also, A Tin Teardrop when Maki posts the pictures.
    Oh, and Tinny and I leapt aboard the train like Batman and Robin just as the doors were closing!

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