It’s Portobello, Man.

Spot the Shiv

Portobello Road Records - looking north

Been meaning to post a few of these pictures for weeks now. The top end of Portobello Road has been host to the biggest collection of LP’s I’ve ever seen. Big as in six feet high and representing some of the musical connections of the area. I’ve probably put links to Tom Vague’s music and psychogeography writings about Ladbroke Grove here before but if you want to dig deeper here’s a shovel. And if you want to get seriously nerdy and see how many you own, you can click through the pictures to see larger versions or find the full set here. I’m good for thirty or so so far but keep spotting more.

It’s ‘Portobello Man – The Bevis Frond’

4 thoughts on “It’s Portobello, Man.

  1. Oh, yes.

    “Spot the Shiv” – I’m about a third of the way out from the left-hand side… and my contents are (from memory): everymotherssonloveiamthewalrusjesusbuddhamoses
    rightmaybeimwrongislandstheseatakemetoyourleader… these things were important then.

    Aitch enn wye, TY – and all you RRers of A Certain Age:

  2. Hey Shiv, you win the licorice allsorts! There’s a second copy in one of the other pictures in the set I linked to. The only record I’ve noticed duplicated. I’m impressed by your memory and suppose if you don’t keep any punctuation mixed up with it there’s all the more room for records. Kudos.

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