Christmas in Oz

Not quite sure why I want to post this. You’re probably thinking “enough already!” after all the Christmas music you’ve heard in the run up to it all. But I always like to give a bit of support to anyone who’s reaching for honesty in their music. No idea who this guy is (apart from what Google told me) but something about this particular song said ‘share it’. So here it is.

9 thoughts on “Christmas in Oz

  1. Hey, great to see some Spill Love for Minchin! (Got If You Really Loved Me zedded back in Songs with Jokes)

    That link is ace, Sourpus…

  2. A very clever and talented artist. I particularly liked his routine – poem? – in which he effectively called the audience a load of grinning c*nts in the punchline. It was beautifully constructed and delivered, and very funny. I find some of the music a bit hard on the ear but his ability to inhabit each genre is very impressive.
    Like Bill Bailey crossed with Rufus Wainwright and someone really quite weird?

  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Ive checked out a load more Tim Minchin since discovering this clip (thanks too williamsbach) and you’re right – its very good stuff. bethnoir, I hadnt seen Neil Gaiman’s post (until you mentioned it). I saw that Tim had been on Jonathan Ross’s show more than once – my fallible yardstick for ‘must be quite well known in the UK then’ from out here in Hungary. I gather he lives in London nowadays. Hope to hear more.

  4. I really enjoyed this, but had never heard of Tim Minchin before (which just goes to show how closely I follow RR), who now joins the illustrious list of RRecommendations and Discoveries I wouldn’t be without.

    @ sourpus
    Ash, have you got time to scroll down to DsD’s “Writing for fun and profit” post? We need to know if you’re at all familiar [as the bishop said to the actress] with a band called Blab Happy…

  5. Funnily enough, my first exposure to Tim Minchin was exactly a year ago, at Littlebrobach’s place, watching the DVD that he had got for Christmas from Bigbrobach. Any amount of beer and red wine got spluttered over the Christmas jumpers we were both wearing (of course we were, mum). I got Rhod Gilbert, which was also a Very Good Thing, in a different sort of a way.

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