Blimpy wants some Choral Metal

Or so he said in a comment against my top albums list. He’s the winner of the fan video contest for the title track of Therion’s most recent album “Sitra Ahra”. No, don’t ask me what they’re singing about.

3 thoughts on “Blimpy wants some Choral Metal

  1. Thanks Tim, I like to keep myself abreast of musical genres I’m not familiar with.

    It’s got a brilliantly schizo thing going on in it, hasn’t it? Very catchy too.

  2. That’s probably the most immediately accessible song, but the whole album is in a similar vein. The semi-acoustic closing track with what sounds like a children’s choir is something else again.

    There were amazing when I saw them live a couple of months ago. They really do reproduce all those vocal arrangements on stage.

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