Top Ten Albums of 2010 – Part Three

We’re getting closer, here’s four and three.

4. “Nothing Hurts” – Male Bonding

Male Bonding’s LP is the musical equivalent of comfort food for me. In the early 90s they would’ve been called “noiseniks” and I probably would’ve crowd surfed as they supported the Senseless Things at the New Cross Chimney & Bracket. It’s 29 minutes and 13 tracks of fuzzed out alt pop, stolen Nirvana basslines, joyous backing vocals, lo-fi feedback, battered drumkits, vague singing, incessant riffage, tropical top end – basically everything that’s actually any good about 3 guys with guitar, bass n drums – but stuff that’s been forgotten ever since bloody britpop happened.

3. “Winter Of Mixed Drinks” – Frightened Rabbit

It’s always hard to get the follow up to a record you hold dear, as it can never be as good as what you have in your head and your heart. It took a while – and perseverance- but I came round to the new record, and now I bloody love it. BLOODY LOVE IT!

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Albums of 2010 – Part Three

  1. love the “supporting Senseless Things” description of Male Bonding. Couldn’t agree more, I almost expected this track to break into “Hold It Down”!

    Yet, another one to investigate. Although I do have certain reservations about typing “male bonding” into a Youtube search again!

  2. not sure about the Frightened Rabbit yet, to the layman (that’s me!) it sounds a wee bit like more of the same, but i’d have to hear a couple more tracks…

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