The Spill Awards 2010: VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Right, you’ve had a couple of weeks in which to send me your nominations for this year’s Spill Awards, I’ve worked through your suggestions to identify those which get a reasonable amount of support and so more than one of us will have heard of them, and we’re now ready for the voting!

You have ONE vote for each category EXCEPT for Album of the Year where you have TWO, partly because that’s the most important category and partly because it’s the biggest. Voting closes on December 31st at midnight, GMT, more or less. Of course, I’m not sure if this is actually going to work properly, as I’ve never tried doing anything with polls before, but let’s see…

And don’t forget that I’m still willing to accept acceptance speeches to be included in the award ceremony, either accepting an award yourself or doing it on behalf of someone else. Probably best if you talk about receiving “this award”, rather than tempting fate by specifying a particular award, and obviously I reserve the right to edit your speech down to fit in with the advertising breaks. Anyway, send mp3 files to abahachi at by the end of the year, please.

20 thoughts on “The Spill Awards 2010: VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

  1. Great work Abahachi – thank you for taking the time to organise this. And if you get one single vote in the Villain of the Year category, I’ll be round that person’s house to tell them what RockinMitch and sonofwebcore are planning to do to them! Unless of course the vote was cast by Mrs Abahachi …

  2. Sorry, Maki, I am merely the servant of the rest of you in this, more or less faithfully reflecting what was suggested – even the completely unfounded accusation that I was responsible for the Spill moving to WordPress and hence a blacker villain than Blair, Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin…

    I have no idea how to tell if anyone has voted twice, except that the system was supposed to prevent it from happening. I shouldn’t have said that. I should not have said that…

  3. great fun abahachi, even though my personal fave top three LPs of the year were sadly not represented. Top four actually !!
    but that’s what makes end-of-year quizzes the compulsive irritations that they are !!
    There can be no double voting !! I tried it too !

  4. Votes are cast – nice job.

    Think getting any agreement on an album of the year is going to be tricky. Might be possible with a lot more candidates (whither John Grant, for example -on both my & Mnemonic’s list? & what about all the recent posts from Blimpy, Panther & others). Might be resolved with a DsD stylee head to head knockout tournament. Might take until 2012 to resolve, but might be fun trying.

  5. I of course voted for Maki. But if we have electoral reform and AV voting here, a second choice should count as well. So i’ll have to check the box for Julian Assange for my B-lister.

    • Thank you for that, viennesewaltz (are you new here, or have I just nodded off?). I do then wonder why two people nominated it, which is why it appears here…

  6. Books of the year, I just received two of my library reserves, haven’t read either yet but if I had they’d both be on the list. Both latest works by both authors.

    1. The Reversal by Michael Connolly,
    2. The Angle’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

    With the first one I’ll be thinking of DsD, with the second, Maki.

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