Top Ten Albums Of 2010 – Part Two

Here’s my seven to five!

7. “Boys Outside” – Steve Mason

The former Beta Band singer’s first release under his own name, a very enjoyable collection that veers from polished pop songs to space dub reggae – all topped with the unique Mason vocal touch.

6. “Phosphene Dream” – The Black Angels

My fave modern heavy deavy psyche rockers went pop with this, their third LP, throwing in some 60s garage nuggets amongst the usual skull crushing i’m stuck in a foxhole in ‘Nam paranoid drone antics. “River Of Blood”, below, falls into the latter category however – yikes!

5. “Subjection” – Your Loyal Subjects

Guitar and drums haven’t sounded this good for bloody ages. Heavy mental action from the band no-one’s calling “Viking Bolt”. Nice sleeve that too…

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Albums Of 2010 – Part Two

  1. self publicity never did any designer any harm –
    never got round to the steve mason – will give that a spin soon too.

    6 and 5 are obviously designed to be listened to over baby noise .. got to say, interesting selections so far.

  2. Steve Mason is a big hit in chez Panther (see later on in the Panther top 10!) .

    The Black Angels sounded great and definitely warrant some further investigation.

    (I love the fact that far from being a period of looking back, the end of the year is always the best time to discover new music!)

    I remember YLS from the initial posting and this track sounds just as good.Reminds me of some of the early 2000’s stuff I was thinking back to with LCD Soundsystem…Radio 4 etc. Which is definitely a compliment!

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