OK, here’s the beginnings of chapter one. I asked Maki to give me his list of instructions for posting music and then I added my thoughts and re-wrote it all, hopefully in a manner that’s foolproof. I’ve tested this and it worked. If this is acceptable we’ll continue and add instructions for posting titles, artists, pictures, videos, youtubes, text, links etc, plus posting links, pics and music into the comments area. For the benefit of potential new users or current ones who’re not clear about Dropbox I thought it would be helpful to start there.

Before I start to try to do a posting for the Spill I find it useful to place all my MP3 music cuts, JPG pictures and pre-written text into a labeled file on my desktop, it makes it easier later on. There’s another advantage to this, you’ll be copying & pasting http code for each cut into the ‘new post’ page at WordPress, it’s handy to also paste it into this folder for reference in case you need to come back to it, WordPress has been known to cause frustration by occasionally not not playing by the rules and it’s handy to have those html codes handy if you need to start over.

 Begin by registering with Dropbox, [] thereafter you’ll be asked to log in. You can upload music to Dropbox and anything you upload  will be kept in your ‘My Dropbox’ file, next to that you’ll see ‘Public’:  to use music on the Spill you need to have it in the Public folder so transfer it from your dropbox into Public. If you’re considering multiple cuts it’s a good idea to keep them in a labeled folder.
Having got this far, now click on one of your titles in Dropbox and you’ll notice a blue downward arrow off to the right, click on this and you’ll see a dropdown menu that has ‘Copy Public Link’ as one of it’s options, click on this and a window will open that contains a line of http code with an option to ‘copy to clipboard’, do so.
Now open WordPress [you may be required to log in] and on the left you’ll see a column that includes ‘Posts’ and below it ‘Add new’, click on that. A  window will open that contains a rectangle with ‘Visual’ and ‘HTML’  at the top right corner, choose HTML. Now is the time to decide how you want your post to look, ie the placement of text, pictures and music, for now lets say that the music player goes at the bottom and you’re only having one tune. Type

If you now click on ‘Preview’ [top right] you should see a player icon situated at The Spill which if you click it should play your tune!

If you want to add more tracks:

1. Do not close the player – ignore the bit about closing the code with another square bracket.
2. Place a comma and a space after the first code.
3. From the public folder in Dropbox click your second piece of music and repeat the instructions above re. copying and pasting it into WordPress.
4. Paste it immediately after the comma after the first code, add a comma and a space and repeat ad-nausium ’til you have all the music cuts pasted.
5. When you have added the last html code don’t add a comma, just close it with a square bracket.
6. For 5 cuts it should give you a player that looks like this:

All these commas, spaces and square brackets are crucial, miss any one of them and you’re doomed to failure.


  1. WordPress is determined to have it’s way, there’s an error in there that I can’t clear, it’s in the bold line of text re. closing the html code, it’s clipping the end of the code so you can’t see the crucial square bracket! Grrr.

  2. GF the square bracket is perfectly visible to me. Don’t be put off by the appearance of the post in the preview section (and still less if you check it out in “Visual” – a Miss Piggy mirror to la Schiffer if ever I saw one!).

  3. OK, I changed the tune to Bill Bill and that cleared the clipping error, wierd thing, the code showed OK for Maki but not for me!

  4. Well TFD et al, that’s what we were hoping, everybody like myself who’d given up on posting here, try it, do a post and then tell us how to improve it and of course there’s lots more to come. This came about because last week I reached the end of my tether with WordPress, I was doing basically what’s outlined above but nothing was working so I emailed Maki and offered to be the goat and it worked, not sure why since I was doing it correctly from the start but that’s WordPress, still got some bugs in it.
    There’s a very obvious error in the above, can anyone spot it?

    • Are you referring to the space after the comma in the track list? This shouldn’t affect things either way. I leave the space because that way I can see the comma as I’m typing (I’m very short sighted) but it shouldn’t make any difference.

  5. Still won’t work for me. Is it just me? I follow the instructions correctly but I get File Not Found in the player – that’s when I usually give up and ask Maki to put the track(s) in his Public folder and send me the code.

  6. TFD: I haven’t seen that one, at what stage does it happen? Can you guess if it’s Dropbox or WordPress, sounds like it might be Dropbox, lets see what Maki has to say.

  7. TFD you get that because your Public links were disabled and it’s clear they haven’t been enabled.

    Here’s one of my public links. Copy it and try with that. If it works mail me and I’ll suggest a Dropbox work around solution.

    [audio src="" /]

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