I mentioned here recently that I was having delusions of grandeur, I was thinking of doing a regular reggae post, but not just a regular post, what I was fantasising was something like a radio broadcast plus a continuous slideshow of images relevant to the music and perhaps multiple audio tracks overlapping and me blathering on. Well an extended period of frustration trying to just post this pitiful effort and assisted by Maki knocked the shine off some of that.But, I did spend quite some time investigating GarageBand and of course got sidetracked, instead of learning how to assemble multiple tracks etc I found myself playing silly games, even thinking that somewhere I had hidden musical talents, I composed my masterpiece! Well actually it was opus 1, my first ever effort, but I found it quite intriguing and even thought ‘That’s not bad for a beginner”. So, here it is, I call it Reggae Jam.



  1. that ain’t half bad GF! You’re a natural!

    Looking forward to the multi-track blathering, again I can’t recommend the Garageband Podcast application enough for doing just as you plan, it really is so easy to use.

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