Not So Easy Rider

5 thoughts on “Not So Easy Rider

  1. wrote a big comment earlier – but then kicked the computer as the referee conned my team out of an easy win…

    was going to ask if Amateur Night In The Big Top was mine – but I last posted it when using podbean so no it’s not – scooter girl – best tune on that album.

    once got payed in Sheep on Drugs 12″s (yes plural) to design another bands sleeve.. fine by me.. reminds me of free festies in Hampshire and Dorset.

    suicide and ravenettes would be in mine

    who’s version of speeding motorcycle you got? – oh pastels – nice… I got Yo La Tengo doing it – and daniel Johnston.. is it his original?

    good list – do you have Jesus and Mary Chain – oh.. is it the living end? (all my JaMC is vinyl) haven’t got on RR yet to find the obvious one’s I’ve missed..

    (just gone from Love and Rockets to Tracy ullman in my collection – weird!)

    • Tracy Ullman: She emigrated from the UK to the US and created her own network television series, The Tracey Ullman Show, from 1987 until 1990, from which The Simpsons was spun off in 1989.

      “My Guy” video featured the British Labour Party politician Neil Kinnock, Ullman was a singer on the punk label Stiff Records, wrote songs with and covered label-mate Kirsty MacColl.

      but more importantly was in Three of a Kind (with Lenny Henry and some bloke called, David Copperfield).


      hope you had a blast.

  2. In a lovely coincidence kind of way, I am actually listening to 1952 Vincent Black Lightning while trying to catch up on all the ‘Spilling I have missed.

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