12 thoughts on “Do you dream in colour, or black and white?

  1. Ha, it does have that gongy thing going on at the end. Just watching the video again I’m having flashbacks to this evening’s lights festival in the city, all the buildings were lit up in that strange kind of night-time monochrome way.

  2. Very cool video, indeed, Nilpferd. I like the quality of color on the color side…it had the feeling of old film that’s been colorized, somehow. Liked the song, too.

  3. Cheers steengazer! Speaking of old films we enjoyed Double Indemnity last night, which has fantastic lighting and contrast.

    • Ah, Double Indemnity is a classic! It puts the “noir” in film noir. I’ve always thought it was funny that he went bowling to sooth his mind after committing murder.

      • I thought that was funny too.. (I normally go for a hair-cut and a manicure)
        BTW, do you think that bowling scene was the inspiration for The Big Lebowski?

      • manicurist always knows what you’ve been up to – leads to all sorts of blackmail attempts,,, then you dispose of them… and the trouble you have finding another decent manicurist is unbearable .. stick with just the trim and your fine.

        “hello sir.. busy week, any good murdering lately?”

        “little off the top and sides and a razor across the throat today… lovely sir.. will do”

      • You’re dead right about those manicurists..

        “Murderers lead such innnnterresting lives..”


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