Dan Le Sac v Scroobius Pip

I went to see this strangely monikered duo last night in Brighton and it’s stayed with me so I’m posting a rare spillage in homage. Sold out last April much to my disappointment I made sure tickets were purchased way in advance this time around. They wouldn’t sell out twice in one year thought would they ? In a recession ? £14.50 a ticket ? Yes they did. I had one spare ticket, put it on Twitter, the band retweeted and I sold it to a zombie nurse outside – face value of course…

The show was awesome. Classic hip-hop set-up, but with two white guys from South London (Millwall fans actually in the case of Pip) one of whom resembles a Taleban commander. He’s the rapper, or wordsmith, because it would be a stretch to describe what he does as rapping. He’s a political poet of the old skool, spoken word merchant, and DanLe Sac’s beats place them into the hip-hop world. But their lyrical content is very fresh indeed, and very British too.

There’s another song I could have posted called Get Better, and yet another called The Beat That My Heart Skipped, yet another called Stake A Claim. Wonderful stuff ! For those who prefer content over style…..

8 thoughts on “Dan Le Sac v Scroobius Pip

  1. I thought this was a one off ‘novelty track’ even though it was great – I had no high hopes for anything substantial from them.

    Eventually got the album – and more importantly either myself or shoey got the second one for an A.O.T.M – and that blew me away.
    – it’s not the words (brilliant lyrics – makes you wonder why others don’t try a little bit harder) or the music (the backing references the music I’ve grown up with stunningly – from beats to house to 8-bit game soundtracks – involving indie and hip hop along the way)
    – but it’s the obvious love and passion for music/writing and possibly ‘normal’ humanity that shines through.

    listen to ‘get better’ – and hope that in the next election – we can vote people like them in – rather than the inhumanity that we are living with.

    (…..Pixies – just a band)

    • I demand a new series of ‘spaced’ with le sac and pip as record shop owners…. that would be ace…. (think of how many shaun of the dead references they could slip in! – it’s in my head and I’m finding it funny)

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