The DsD Duel at DAWN Game.

Such a simple game for a Saturday night (or whenever)

I give you 11 tracks and you work out,

OK – it’ll get a play through, might be a grower.
OFF – do not disturb my ear time, idiot. (just not his style)
11 – it’s the dsd academy of taste (can be equally Cowboy Junkies or Loud Guitars)

part one:
1✓ A New Dawn
2✓ Morning Dawning
3✓ Our Friends Appear Like the Dawn
4✓ New Dawn

Part two:
1✓ Until The Morning
2✓ Another Morning Stoner
3✓ Future Calls The Dawn
4✓ Morning Rage

Part three:
1✓ The Same Dawn, At Almost The Exact Same Moment, Actually…..
2✓ Out Of Dawn
3✓ Two Miles Before Dawn

oh yeah – I might have to ask DsD nicely to listen through and Judge – because he has no idea I’m doing this – Enjoy

33 thoughts on “The DsD Duel at DAWN Game.

  1. You missed the Football Metaphor!!! OK.. here goes..

    Part one..
    1) gets its bootlaces tangled on the way onto the pitch, 0-2 behind even before the kick-off. When they do get on, a mass brawl breaks out, 4 red cards. The remaining 7 players pull a blinder and eliminate 2), who inexplicably faff around in their own 25 for the remaining 85 minutes.
    3) Brightly coloured uniforms don’t help this team, who play out a drab draw with the irritatingly showly, but ineffective, 4).
    1) advances to the semis.

  2. Part two.. btw, how the hell am I going to get 4 semi finalists out of these playlists..!!??
    1). Steady build up play, nothing showy but good possession.
    2). The attempt to score from the kick-off with some monster riffs is admirable, the ball going in off the post. Continued long range shooting attempts reap dividends, though the strategy remains somewhat predictable.
    3). Football is basically a game involving (per side) 11 players, a ball, and a grassy field. outdoors. Go and get some friends, sonny, and it wouldn’t help if you get out into the fresh air a bit more.
    4). This team appears to be A LOT BIGGER than any of their opponents. And so it proves- brutal body checking, massive 40 yarders bludgeoned into the goal from all sides of the field.

    In the end, 1) and 4) go head to head. 4) flattens 1). Based on the peculiar groupings, both make the semis.

  3. Part three.
    1) misses the bus to the stadium, having spent too long preparing the players’ hair and having their fingers manicured. Disqualified.
    2) faces off against 3); 3 loses its keeper almost immediately (that Tss Tss Tss drum sound irritates him into giving away a red card penalty). It’s all downhill from there; 2, although not convincing, waltzes the semis.

      • “Not nearly enough Hawaian banjo music, J-pop or drug addled English eccentics for an acceptable playlist. Honestly, you would think punk never happened. This is the worst playlist since etc. etc. for another 5 paragraphs…

  4. nilpferd – I was trying to make it easy – looks like I’d struggle expaining connect 4 – it’s a simple game (not involving football at all – don’t mention football today – or this season to DsD)

    this would be my guesses at his opinion:

    part one:
    1: Ok
    2: 11
    3: OK
    4 OK

    part two:
    1: 11
    2: 11
    3: OFF
    4: 11

    part three:
    1: ok
    2: ok
    3: ok

    a bit of a faff there I’m sure DsD would be more opinionated…

    but I’m rubbish at guessing his taste – so just sent him 300 tracks.. to decide himself… I will state my reasons later after more people have played….

    Please state reasons why you think he’d like or dislike tracks would be the most fun.

  5. very mysterious.. so fed through a non- F**tb*ll filter that would make mine the following..

    1:OK. (meanders but kicks in)
    3:OFF (whiney voice)

    1:OK (sometimes he goes for Portishead style stuff)
    2:11 (guitar riffs)
    3:OFF (too abstract, electronic)
    4:11 (big sound, muscular riffs)

    1:OFF (too wishy washy)
    3:OK but Tss Tss drum noises distract.

  6. OK, I think I get it. But …

    I know I’m about to get an extra hour of listening time, but I have got a busy Halloween coming, and Granny’s Sky Broadband is so crap that streaming is horribly stop-start.

    When do you want my real answers?

  7. “Will have to get back to you on this, as I have to be up in two hours for pumpkin carving training and then get back to teach the girls how to ride forklifts”.

  8. Part One:

    1. 11. Great stuff – halfway between Sigur Ros & Mogwai.
    2. OK. (Not really in a Siouxsie mood tonight.)
    3. OK. Absolutely NO idea who dat.
    4. Off! Don’t like the voice.

    I’ll leave the rest for tomorrow night, and give anyone who wants to play 20hours or so to take a stab at my PtII & III responses.


  9. No no no, you can’t answer YET, DsD! Great game, shane. I did chuckle at “11” – see what you did there, etc. Hm, let’s have a go at Parts 2 and 3 then…

  10. Part 2:

    1: OK for a minute or two, then OFF (or is that just me?)
    2: 11 (propulsive, riffy, nice rockout from 3.30 – surely he’ll like this one?)
    3: OFF (not got a chance… or has it?)
    4: 11 (promising title, some nice juddering bass, threatens to go a bit too Beta Band but rescued at the 3min mark)

  11. Part 3:

    1: OFF (ooh no, too tricksy/jazzy/frenetic)
    2: OFF (bit too close to ‘Eurotrance’ – if there is such a thing)
    3: OK (bit too Acid Jazzy but rescued by the voice – just)

    Difficult to answer these without putting them through one’s own taste filter, isn’t it? Not sure if these are my guesses at DsD’s answers or just my own answers!

    On a different topic, wasn’t there a Blimpy post about reviewing up last night? Meant to respond but it seems to have disappeared into the ether…

  12. No rush for answers DsD – we’ve been descended on by visitors today.

    It’s just a sneaky way to get people to listen in a different way – and you are usually a surprise package with your taste.. hope everyone enjoys their soul cake..

    track one is by a band called:
    Followed By Ghosts (Topical ain’t I?)

    I did have a new halloween list beginning with:
    Mr Natural The Phantom Band

    but I must stop being anti – social.

    see you all later.

    • “do you often laugh so hard your drink streams from your nose – do you splutter beer over your mouse when reading another comment by Pairubu or shoey”

      ultra absorbent and entirely transparent:


      stop the southern comfort from clogging your keypad- INSTANTLY.

      *terms and conditions apply – not all spillers are guaranteed to make you laugh – may contain nuts.

      visit spillharmonic
      – be sure to recommend steenREMOVER to your friends – available for those stubborn spills.

  13. Bit late, but here goes …

    Part II:

    1. 11. I know that voice, don’t I? Can’t place it.
    2. OK … for a Carling Cup game line-up, maybe. Otherwise OFF.
    3. OFF, and a three match ban.
    4. OK. But I’m not as enthused as you guessed I would be.

  14. part 1:
    1✓ A New Dawn Followed By Ghosts
    2✓ Morning Dawning The Creatures
    3✓ Our Friends Appear Like the Dawn Bodies Of Water
    4✓ New Dawn Withered Hand

    part 2:
    1✓ Until The Morning Thievery Corporation
    2✓ Another Morning Stoner …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
    3✓ Future Calls The Dawn Felix Da Housecat
    4✓ Morning Rage UNKLE

    part 3:
    1✓ The Same Dawn, At Almost The Exact Same Moment, Actually…… Kip Hanrahan
    2✓ Out Of Dawn Yello
    3✓ Two Miles Before Dawn Two Banks Of Four

    vocals by Emiliana Torrini on the part 2 #1 track DsD.

  15. Part III:

    1. OFF. Intriguing, but not intriguing enough.
    2. 11. The sound of Barry Adamson getting a job as a cruise ship singer, then spending the entire season as a gigolo to rich blue rinses, while stealing their souls! Love it.
    3. In a reflection of those neutral, or even omitted, ratings given to substitutes brought on too late in the game to have an influence, I’m not offering an opinion on this one. The fact is it’s MFF time, and I was already on my way out of The Spill Stadium when this one had it’s three minutes …

    Cheers, Shane.

    • well it wont make the Christmas parlor game top ten – but I thought it was a fun idea.. cheers for helping out.

      (glad you had a less stressful second half to the football this evening)

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