AOTM – October

15 thoughts on “AOTM – October

  1. Thanks for doing this, Shoey! I surprised myself with my choice this time (the Posies), would’ve gladly voted for 2 or 3 more. The Bob Sinclair track made me smile, which anyone who’s ever seen the film ‘Razzle Dazzle’ will understand (mockumentary on little girls’ dancing competitions Down Under and highly recommended for half-termDVD viewing)

    • You get 3 votes, Debby, just like a real election. Think you have to use them all at once, though.

      Or you can do a Dsd & make up your own knock-out playoff brackets.

      Lot’s of familiar faves showing up in unfamiliar ways this month.

  2. Nice varied selection – nice to hear two reggaefied LPs there, even though I voted for neither.
    Wyatt Aztmon Stephen got an immediate vote despite being quite near the beginning, leaving me to listen out for two more.
    The Extra Lens took one of them, reminding me of living in Los Angeles with the other ex-pats in a strange arty limboland, lovely lyrics and voice I will actually buy this LP !!
    Had trouble with the third until I heard Killing Joke. That’s a ridiculous bass sound. But on balance I’ve gone for the Laeticia Sadier, which was simply gorgeous !
    Thanks shoegazer, excellent work. I’m waiting with bated breath for three November issues right now – Costello, Cee-Lo and Rumer. I’m a mainstream kinda guy as a rule 😉

    Ok late mind-change. Clinton Fearon scores a late winner in injury time off the bar to win a third vote. Sorry Laeticia !!

    • Hey, Magic. WordPress logs you off “by accident” every once in a while so you can enjoy the ads that display when you are not logged in.

      The main voice & lyrics of Extra Lens belong to the US poet laureate John Darnielle. As he writes a great song everyday before breakfast, there’s a lot more where that came from. Welcome to The Mountain Goats fan club. Cheers.

  3. Extra Lens and phantom Band over lap my AOTM.

    haven’t engaged with the Phantom band yet, shame after so loving album 1.

    Lætitia Sadier is great (but must admit – I first felt it was going to be the original Enigma track I heard all those years ago) (I’m slightly distracted – thought process might be shot)

    Kort – I didn’t get (the record) because I feared it would be too country – but I liked this, shall pick up to see the rest – unlike the Cowboy Junkies – am I mistaken, but was there no Margo vocals – what is the point then?

    Glasser sounded like White Hinterland’s last one Kairos – worth an investigate – if you know my taste in that kind of thing – as you do – then you know it floats my boat. cool beautiful stuff.

    and superpitcher was up my electronic avenue- ta

    but Extra Lens win – because his voice kicks in an you know that you’ll be transported into a story that eats away at your brain… Aces.

    should have taken more notes – but there is only so much you can do with week old sleeper on your shoulder.

    • Margo’s there (she does the original version of this tune) & so is Brother & it’s the best Junkie album in years, maybe even the best since Trinity Sessions (accept no imitations or revisits) – has something to do with his experience adopting babies from & revisiting China.

      Thought you’d like the ‘Pitcher. General madness & Talking Heads samples = win.

      Only notes needed are musical & spendy, but sleep is a must, eventually. Hope it settles down for y’all soon.

  4. I went fir the Phantom Band cos I really do also need to engage with that record – I nearly ordered the vinyl but was put off a bit by the lacklustre leadoff track. And Glasser, cos they sounded earsy.

  5. no time at all to listen i’m afraid, but on sight i’ll go for:

    Kylesa (you may not be suprised to learn that I already have a couple of albums of theirs! – now that’s a chick who can REALLY shred! why have only one drummer when you can have two?!),

    Phantom Band (loved the first album)

    and Laetitia Sadier (is there anything sexier than a girl with a Moog?!)

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