Ms Jackson – Outkast
Strung Out – Drugs
Camping Jazz – Chateaux Flight
Where Have You Been – Jay-Z
Our Way To Fall – Yo La Tengo
Finally – Kings Of Tomorrow
Man With The Red Face – Laurent Garnier
If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix
Since I Left You – Avalanches
Africa – D’Angelo

5 thoughts on “2000

  1. Still playing catch-up – hope you have the space to leave this epic up for a while – should be able to catch up over the weekend. Great series – it’s been fascinating rolling back the years through Ejay ears.

  2. ‘our way to fall’ and ‘since i left you’
    definite overlaps – can see why it’s hard to narrow down.

    Man With The Red Face – was played loads by us – smart choices – (just couldn’t listen to Jay-Z – difficult subject matters are making me so angry and sad things are making me so weepy – and really… who needs sleep? and I don’t even have to do any hard stuff)

    quick selection would be (warning: itunes dates):
    ✓ Brown Sugar Akasha 2000
    ✓ Cvalda Björk 2000
    ✓ Love Burns Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2000
    ✓ Under The Water (Deep Dish Triangle Dub) Brother Brown 2000
    ✓ Hanging With The Wrong Crowd Ed Harcourt 2000
    ✓ Drug Ballad Eminem 2000
    ✓ Utopia Goldfrapp 2000
    ✓ Barhopper 1 Kid Koala 2000
    ✓ Sympathy For The Devil Laibach 2000
    ✓ Heaven Is A Halfpipe OPM 2000
    ✓ Wish I Was in Heaven RL Burnside 2000
    ✓ Starfish And Coffee Soulwax 2000
    ✓ You Cut Her Hair Tom McRae 2000
    ✓ Apple Blossom The White Stripes 2000
    ✓ Neskwik Woodbine 2000
    ✓ Our Way To Fall Yo La Tengo 2000

  3. Cheers Shane, this is the first list where I was actually old enough to buy my own music at the time, so it was actually less fun this time because there were fewer discoveries. Also, this time there’s less overlap with what could have made it, could it be that the older the music, the higher the cream rises?

  4. Possibly music diversifies with each successive decade.. but your theory could be correct… though is there less “world music” here than in other decades?
    I liked the Yo la Tengo and the Laurent Garnier most, both grab me from the first note. Have liked the YLT since shane or steen posted it on RR once, and I particularly enjoy the way the Laurent Garnier builds tension and tempo.
    I like the Smiths-style guitar and strings of the Phoenix track, the vocals less so.
    I suppose my 2000 list would be mainly Ninja Tune, Compost, the odd jazz track from Erik Truffaz, John Scofield.
    But I just don’t have enough music to do anything like this, and it would be nowhere near as eclectic- I’d have trouble scratching ten albums/singles together in most post 1975 years.

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