New Goth vs Old Goth

Probably like a few ‘Spillers here, i really liked the Cure as a teenager, but this tailed off over time – anyways uber-hip screamo gothcore duo Crystal Castles have bagged Fat Bob himself to add his distinct voice to their track “I’m Not In Love” – with interesting results.
Did anyone else go through (or are still in) a goth phase at any point in their lives? What was the gothiest thing you did? Or wore?

32 thoughts on “New Goth vs Old Goth

  1. When I was 15, I sang “Love Cats” at a school concert, with full-on Fat Bob hair (oh how I miss those days!), smudged lippy, kohl-rimmed eyes… Hearing that voice still excites me a little. God bless him.

  2. Once a goth always a goth is my motto.
    Thanks for the link, I liked it.

    I have worn stiletto boots with skull shaped buckles, a batwing top made of spider web fabric over a PVC bustier, a mini skirt with tassels down to the knee and still do wear hooped tights.

    As for activities, I don’t think I feel like sharing for now 🙂

  3. the vocalist on that track is such a shout out louds rip off.

    I painted a Biker jacket with two fluffy white cats and the lyrics to love cats on it – it was ace… and really stood out from the metal jackets… (and got me loads of female friends cos of the sensitivity of the picture – unfortunately it failed to get me laid.. because I was too nice – the difficult choices of a sixteen year old, eh!) my real Goth friends hated the pop stuff – faith and pornography were the albums of choice – but I loved the fact he could be stunningly dark in a 3 minute tune that was so hummable George Formby could strum it on his uke.

    have some very cool photos of my friends who were pretty, wore black and had excellent cheek bones – well the boys were… the girls had attitude spiky hair and DMs.
    (would so love to post those -but not in contact with all of them any more- so it wouldn’t be right)

    Robert Smith is so much fun – most embarrassing is probably trying to write love/hate/pop songs anywhere close to the perfectness that he has produced in the past.. that track is a cure cliche of words tumbling forth.. much fun had though.

  4. not goth in any way shape or form, but I DID paint my fingernails black and listen to Depeche Mode a lot. Do I get a point?!

  5. Not sure how The Cure got labelled as Goth in their post-pornography-pop phase. Too ugly to be New Romantics? Not sure how All About Eve pulled it off either.

    Wardrobe was black, more due to The Stranglers than anything else. Later enhanced by a Canadian green army surplus trench coat, as the whole leather jacket customized with tippex look was a big yawn, no matter how spikey your hair was. 4 eye DM’s, natch. By no means an original look, but unlikely to cause offense with any of the various tribes.

    • Are the Cure goth? Not all the time, perhaps? I think All About Eve were liked by goths, but not actually very goth at all, kind of like New Model Army, their fans were, because of the Mish connection maybe, but they sounded more like Fairport Convention. Very mysterious, goths sure like the Cure though.

      When I saw the Cure a couple of years ago there was a lot of black clothing on show in the audience, I’m wearing my Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me T shirt in my photo, but you can’t really see.

      • There were always a fair few full-on goth outfits at the Eves gigs I made it to. Then there’s the rest of us, who feel decidedly underdressed in our jeans’n’T-shirts.

        I’ve always had a soft spot for The Cure (who definitely ventured out of the goth zone at times), but I never quite made it to see them live. “Love Cats”, with its characteristic bouncy rhythm, is a true modern classic.

  6. Oh, very early years, plastic flasher mack from a jumble sale. Advantages:

    1. Fully portable instant outfit nakeover.

    2.. VIP pass to venues that had no legal right to be at.

    3. Protection from flow of any fluids that might be flowing within said venues.

  7. The gothiest thing I ever did was probably purchasing a Fields of the Nephellim album in a sale. I later sold it for a profit on eBay 🙂

    Musically, I kind of hung around the edges of goth, spurred on by an interest in All About Eve. I recall The Mission (who were closer to Goth than AAE, in my opinion) in particular being dubbed ‘goff’ because they weren’t hard core gothic enough. I was never hard core anything.

    But then, All About Eve also sent me off into the hinterland of folk. I understand that there was a Siousxie and the Banshees influence right at the beginning, and some of the pre-Phonogram singles are fairly dark – but the Eves seem to have done their best to defy categorisation (not that it did any good: they will remain forever associated with Goth).

    Does dressing up as a witch at a children’s hallowe’en party count? This year, I wore long, purple and black hooped socks. I tried tights, but they’re never flippin’ long enough. You can’t see the socks in this picture, mind:

  8. Bit late for this discusion but you may have noticed some celebrity tittle tattle about Cerys Matthews marrying her manager Steve Abbott today. What few will realise is that he has a goth past – not just any goth past but he was in fact one of it’s founders (I will of course acknowledge that Bauhaus got there just before). Here’s (hopefully) a murky clip from some dive in Berlin back in the day (he’s the man in the mask). To some of us he is still Abbo from UK Decay

  9. Can someone delete that please. I don’t seem to be able to delete it myself

    I’ll try and repost with a decent-sized photo

  10. I’ve ordered the blog elves to delete the comment, but they’re sitting on their arses drinking Creme De Menthe and playing cards refusing to do any bloody work, the pointy eared fuckers.

    • Please don’t delete that one, I don’t see how I can imbed the actual image in the comment, so the link will have to do.

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  12. Oh…by the title, I was hoping for a group of new goths with black eyeliners, black dyed hair with tight Ts up against a group of old scythians barbaric goths who are enraged by starvation and betrayel from roman society….

    I have a weird mind

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