Bonita Applebum – A Tribe Called Quest
Cherry-Coloured Funk – Cocteau Twins
Groove Is In The Heart – Deee-Lite
Welcome To The Terrordome – Public Enemy
Sons & Daughters – Neville Brothers
Black Boys On Mopeds – Sinead O’Connor
Elli Shatr Enhaa Tgannen – Samir Ali & Sahar Hamdy
Only Love Can Break Your Heart – Saint Etienne
Namlhanje – Abdullah Ibrahim

24 thoughts on “1990

  1. Hmmph.. no Kip Hanrahan, then.. and Ninja Tunes started up in 1990 with Jazz Brakes and Zen Brakes.. according to the boxed set book..

    Still plenty of good music though.. ATCQ awesome, Public Enemy and the Abdullah Ibrahim also… (the “this is a journey” sample from Welcome to the terrordome also starts Coldcut’s Journeys by DJ, so you’re excused the lack of any ninja tune after all)

  2. He, at least you didn’t notice the absence of anything from Submarine Bells. Doh!
    There might be room for NT in 2000, maybe… possibly.

    • Ah, but Submarine Bells was recorded in 1989, and that’s also the year I first heard the band doing the songs live… Doh retraction!!

  3. I’m just about keeping up with the listening – but 1980 and 1990 – have just got me scribbling lists of MY choices.. could be impartial before it hit important dates in my listening history.

    ( the thing I feel awful about tho is ‘Sons & Daughters’ -fantastic track- ruined by me tapping out the A team theme when ever I play it – just loses it’s power)

    but these are fantastic as a series – I love it when the effort is put in and the idea constructed this well – we would all have our own ideas – but it’s great to listen through yours.

    cheers ejd.

  4. Cheers guys, I’d love to see other’s lists, and I might do an outtakes post, because, as I’ve set myself a silly limit for the number of tracks per playlist, tough choices had to be made.
    As for 2010, I think I’ll chicken out and wait until the Festive ‘Spill.

    • I think I’d have trouble with 1980 and 1990… beyond Tenderness, MBV’s Glider (and Steen’s ATCQ sampler) I can’t think of an actual album I own from 1990.. Brand New Heavies, maybe, though I prefer the vocal reworking which came out in ’92… (89/91 are looking a lot better though).
      agree with shane that it’s a fantastic series, really cool to get these snapshots, and the picks have been inspired.
      Roll on 2000..

  5. now, that’ more like it!

    Some great tunes in there Ejay (and I made it across 3 decades in one afternoon – phew!).

    The Sinead O’Connor and Abdullah Ibrahim were new to me, but both immensely enjoyable.

    Thanks again!

  6. great fun series ! I have an annoying habit when a friend of mine hits 40 of making them a double CD of their life : 40 songs, one for each year. No repeat artists is my only rule – oh and I’ve got to like it too !
    They’ve been received with varying degrees of joy/thanks/irritation. but it makes me pretty anal about release dates !

  7. Why is that post anonymous ? bloody internet. It’s magicman here. Not being anonymous.
    For the record, my 1990 selector would include PE, Dee-Lite (how could you not : every DJs stand-by emergency tune), Jane’s Addiction, Oleta Adams, The Las and Jellyfish…
    you can’t trust those itunes dates though can ye ?

  8. Today has been a whirlwind tour in the EJD time machine. I enjoyed all the lists, and the care with which the songs/pictures are chosen.

    THis list…standouts (Other than ATCQ & PE, obviously) were the Neville Brothers – not what I expected of them at all. Sounded a bit like Gil Scott Heron to me, and the last one, which I can’t remember how to spell, which was nice and hypnotic and buildy. (my career as a music journalist is just around the corner, I can feel it!)

  9. Not complaining (I’m absolutely loving the response) but I thought there’d be more reaction to Samir and Sahar. It sounds lijke they’re about to start an Egyptian sex riot, especially when she comes in.

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