Laughing At Me – Alice Cooper
Mahlalela – Letta Mbulu
Viva Tirado – El Chicano
You Never Come Closer – Doris
Metamorphosis – Ananda Shankar
The Ghetto – Donny Hathaway
Mama Told Me Not To Come – Three Dog Night

9 thoughts on “1970

  1. That might be one of the Unite’s.. not sure which one though.

    No Cellar Door recordings? Oh, well.. I’ll listen anyway.. 😉

    • “No Cellar Door recordings?”
      Well I wrestled with 1970 all weekend (don’t forget Jack Johnson recordings as well), there’s a potential 1970 part 2 in the pipes, but then I’m already late for 1980.

  2. After stifling a giggle at Alice I’m loving the Letta; a quick google informs me this piece was written by Letta’s husband Caiphus Semenya, who was also responsible for Masekela’s brilliant Ha Lese Le Di Khanna. By the way, Letta is Letta Mbulu.
    It gets funkier.. El Chicano is volcano.. Hmm, can Doris keep the mood going?

  3. hey.. suddenly I’m surrounded by red velvet.. someone’s offering me a garishly coloured drink.. that Doris shure knows how to mixsh a cocktail.. oops.. is that me whimpering?! Time I got out of here…
    Oh, these cushions look comfortable.. no, sorry, I don’t smoke. Nice sitar. It’s really weird, but this reminds me of The Muttonbirds White Valiant.

    Sorry about the digression, I think I might just have inhaled something..

      • (I meant, weird that I’m reminded of White Valiant.. not, the music was weird.)

        Glad you liked the Tigran… that was one hip garage..

  4. Ah, it’s a good ol’ Ghetto.. you know where you are with Ghettos.
    or, The Ghetto.
    It ain’t no place to have fun, that’s for sure.
    (Novelty singles seem like a lot more fun in 1970 than they were in the eighties, though)

  5. the Alice Cooper didn’t sound like Iexpected it would! All good though Ejay – ‘specially Ananda Shankar and Donny Hathaway

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