Blood Red Sky

Bitterness, violence, hate and retribution
All of the facade hides your scarred and charred heart, you know it… (heart you know it)
Christian love, agape, peace and absolution,
But can you really mean to let this beast walk free?

Which way will you go, behind the thin veil of sanity?
The doors are open wide, and you can scream on through…
Which way will you go, will you knock, knock on heaven’s door?
Or do the answers hide in the darkness?…

While readers of my blog posts will be aware that Anne-Marie Helder is a member of at least three prog-rock bands, this is Anne-Marie in solo singer-songwriter mode. A very powerful song; I remember being completely blown away hearing her play this song live as a support act, just her on acoustic guitar.

As for this inspiration behind the song, in Anne-Marie’s own words:
It was inspired by the Soham killings a few years ago… and refers to the chilling and heartbreaking confusion that a family must feel when they have had a child taken from them… To wish for justice and vengeance, and dwell with the dark side; but to simultaneously know that this will achieve nothing, and that peace and forgiveness is the only way to stay sane. Neither choice seem right… and in lesser ways, we all have this conflict in our lives, many times over. The dark versus the light.

[Edit – added a corrected version of the lyrics]

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