Sitting On Top Of The World – Mississippi Sheiks
Got The Farm Land Blues – Carolina Tar Heels
Chinatown, My Chinatown – Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra

12 thoughts on “1930

  1. Loved them all, and especially the first one, which of course sounded very familiar. Doing a bit of research here, but not coming up with much.

    Awhile ago Tin posted a song by I believe by Mississippi Fred McDowell covered later of course by the Stones. So wonder what the connection is there. Couldn’t find much on Wikipedia.

    And i love the photo, but i don’t recognize it. Shed some light there? Thanks!

  2. EJ: Never expected to hear Fletcher Henderson on the Spill! One of the great groups of the era, throughout his career he had just about every jazz great there was in his band, this one has two of my favorite musicians, Tommy Ladnier tpt and Coleman Hawkins tnr. thanks.

  3. The next year will be…1940. This series is very random, the tunes are only linked by the year of their release, but it’s fun to do.
    Thanks for listening everyone.
    Amy, I have a few Mississippi Fred McDowell tunes, mostly from the Alan Lomax box set (Sounds Of The South). Did you mean the connection between him and the Sheiks?
    I think the picture is from a Cadbury commercial shoot, I got it form Kanye West’s blog but the archive isn’t accessible right now so I can’t confirm it.

    • Did you mean the connection between him and the Sheiks?

      yes, because the two songs sound so similar.

      Kanye West has a great blog, he posts a lot of really great art and design on it. I was wondering if it was a 30’s shot.

  4. great to see this series back Ejay – all 3 sounded great, especially the Fletcher Henderson at the end.

    Roll on 1940…..

  5. 1930, yay!

    Eh, I loved this series when you made them with the nines last year, eJay! I’ll be listening these after work. Thanks for this.

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