Your Loyal Subjects: “Subjection”

Like Black Flag beating Muse to death in a back alley, while James Brown holds the coats – Your Loyal Subjects have come to pummel your ears and face into the ground before holding the whole sordid mess in front of a mirror for contemplation.

“Subjection” has some of the best, most dynamic, face melting riffage that I’ve ever heard, and with incredibly intelligent political/ personal lyrics thrown in for good measure. Loud guitars and loud drums are one of life’s sheer visceral pleasures, and this LP has them in spades, as well as more funk than George Clinton’s trousers after he’s worn them for a month.

YLS have been a staple of the Edinburgh underground music scene for ages, and make more noise than every other Edinburgh band combined –  at a recent gig of theirs, halfway through their set,  the sheer metal racket they made attracted a pack of half naked vikings in from the street (they proceeded to stage dive, lick their own sweat off the walls, and pretty much smash the whole place up).

Your Loyal Subjects “Medicine”

Your Loyal Subjects “Objects”

Visit their website for more info

Oh yeah, I designed the sleeve, by the way..

11 thoughts on “Your Loyal Subjects: “Subjection”

  1. Aaaagggh! I want to listen SO much, but we’ve got guests and I’ve only got access via my phone, which won’t pick up the audio. Later . . .

  2. you seem to have used that typography and font size you admired so much in the opening credits to that program you liked….. (see, all that paying attention in class has payed off splendidly)

    I imagine live it would be a scream….The speed noise funk stuff does the business and they sing(!) with their own accents – always a bonus… not quite my thing – but hey.. I’m too old to bounce off walls anymore.. good luck to the subjects I say.

  3. Love the cover! Music’s not too bad either.. though I feel myself reaching for my (no longer existing) Living Colour albums a bit..

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