For once (not being away at prog gigs this weekend), I’m actually able to participate in RR for once.

This is “Wintercoast” by up-and-coming prog band Touchstone, recorded at The Borderline in London back in August. Doesn’t have the Jeremy Irons spoken word intro (they used that as the intro tape), but the audio quality is decent.

I was at the gig, fortunately (for me), just out of shot.

3 thoughts on “Wintercoast

  1. I enjoyed it! This topic has put me in the headspace to re-appreiciate and revisit some of the proggie tunes of my early youth, many that i’d completely forgotten about. And i’m remembering why i used to listen to it so much back then. Thanks!

  2. Haven’t been to The Borderline for a while but I noticed Stray played there last week, a band I hadn’t thought about for thirty years and more; saw them play on a bill with Rory Gallagher once … somewhere … I think …

  3. Saw Stray at The Cambridge Rock Festival back in August – they’re still an entertaining live band.

    The Borderline’s a great little venue – never been there when it hasn’t been packed.

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