Two pints of Adnams & a packet of crisps please

At the risk of offending any RRegulars not based in London – would anyone be up for a micro-Social next Thursday (October 8th)? It’s theBoyWonder’s birthday on Sunday and as there’s nothing material he wants (!), I’ve taken sourpus‘ advice and booked a Flight For 50p. We’ll be staying somewhere in central London Wednesday night – and meeting my sister that afternoon for the first time in over 10 years, hence the song – and Thursday night we have to get back out to Stansted. So, if anyone’s got time for a pint, please let me know!

We’re going to be on an extremely tight budget, so I’d be glad of any suggestions for cheap entertainment, especially if there’s music on anywhere for under a tenner (and they’d let a 15 year-old in). I’m planning on doing a lot of walking, maybe dropping by the South Bank to see if there’s anything on around lunchtime, and I’d like to take the boy out to Greenwich (is it true the pie shop’s gone?!). Apart from that we’re open to offers!

I’m off to do Motherly things until bedtime, but I would be ecstatic to find replies to this thread when I check back in tonight or tomorrow…



13 thoughts on “Two pints of Adnams & a packet of crisps please

  1. I’d love to meet up but I’m a bit confused on your dates. Thursday is 7th October, not 8th. Being a non-worker, I can meet up on Wednesday or Thursday, daytime or evening. I think Sourpus is in the country too!

  2. I wish I could be there!! I had a dream last night that we were (my family, that is) relocated to London because I was offered a job writing the screenplay for a Guardian journalist’s idea for a movie. (Not a real guardian journalist, probably a dream-amalgam of many different guardian journalists). The idea for the movie is still quite clear in my head.

  3. Providing I don’t get arrested in Birmingham next Sunday (protesting at the Tory conference), I’d love to meet up. Not sure about the cheap gig situation, though. (I’m extremely cheap, but I’m not gigging!)

  4. Damn! I’d love to, Debby, you know that, but I’ll be working 200 miles further north. I’ll have a quick scoot through my gig listings for any likely candidates, on (presumably) the Wednesday night.

  5. Thank you for all the replies so far!

    @ Mnemonic – you’re quite right, Thursday is indeed the 7th.
    Sourpus isn’t over for the Jonathan Richman gig in Kilburn on Wednesday is he?

    @ Steen – I expect when you make it to London it’ll be slightly less spontaneous than this trip and I’m sure we’ll all manage to get together then. [Do we have a RRole in your Guardian film script?]

    @ Mitch – stay out of jail!

    @ DsD – This is such short notice, it wouldn’t have surprised me if there’d been no takers at all. One day we’ll make it over on a more organised basis, and maybe we’ll even make it up North sometime (I’ve never been to Yorkshire – shame on me)
    I’ve found a website with live music listings, and there seems to be quite a bit of jazz to choose from, plus a couple of folk sessions that’d interest me. This is, however, SAM’s birthday trip, and I don’t really think that’s going to be his first choice. There’s an open mic session at The Venue on Great Portland Street Wed. evening, I think that might appeal to him. Should I expect any difficulties getting a 15 year-old (who generally passes for 17) thru’ the door?

    @ Ali – when I have that cheap pint in my hand, I’ll be raising my glass to you & Sam!

    @ All & Sundry – any suggestions for a time & place Thursday evening? [General question: does closing time still exist?] We need to get to Liverpool Street/Bishopsgate at some point to get the coach out to the airport…

  6. Yes, that’s one of the reasons sourpus is coming over. I’ve been to the The Venue; it’s a fairly big commercial operation with an over 18s policy. They will ask for ID.

    That’s also the problem with a lot of the smaller venues. My first thought was the Windmill in Brixton but that’s also over 18s only. They might not ask for ID though. Problem is that most smaller venues are also pubs. Even though, legally, you are allowed into a pub at 14, they prefer to play safe.

  7. A friend suggested Rough Trade East. It’s a record shop but they often have live sessions and there’s the Big Chill Bar next door which has an outside seating area (so no age problem). It’s also walking distance from Liverpool Street.

  8. The Barfly in Camden lets in 14+ so long as they are accompanied by an adult. This is a small, swampy club often focusing on new bands before they hit the big time. Strictly no alcohol for the underaged though we can drink.

  9. debby – this all sounds excellent.

    I’m on a short leash and can’t leave Norfolk unfortunately – something to do with a baby arriving any time in the next month.
    (after not making it to North Germany this summer – I’m not doing too well on traveling around.

    Hope you have a great time and theBoyWonder enjoys birthday trip.

  10. Sorry, Debby, I’m afraid that we have a 16-year-old German girl staying with us (daughter of a friend/colleague from Dresden), so I can’t get time off. Next time.

  11. Have a fun trip. One day someone on the ‘Spill may win the idiot tax (lottery) & there will be no more regrets for not making a get-together. In the meantime….

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