5 thoughts on “Fated

  1. Enjoyed Andy Fairley, Felt, Thievery Corporation, Forest Fire and Dalek I Love You, and d’ohnds for Lucky Number and The Tough Alliance.

  2. I have a recurring nightmare.. where i’m trying to reach a fort running across a desert plane.. coming towards me at an angle is a huge black cat.. running faster.. very rarely do I make it to the fort (I wake up-shaking) .. but once I did and the black panther continued to stalk me around the narrow steps of turrets … I’ve had this once or twice a year for 35 years, that picture has sent me into a cold sweat.

    tough alliance is an enjoyable pop thang this afternoon.
    isn’t Forest Fire copywrite GHE?
    shoulda squeezed in Karma Coma (U.N.K.L.E Situation Mix) if you are seeing Thievery Corporation/Massive attack

    had a fair few the same – (Destiny (XFM Session) Zero 7 – was on my sane asylum widget – but I seem to have lost it in cyberspace…

    fun stuff.

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