I’ll kiss you.. you’re Beautiful.. 5 years

On Recollection De Rosa
[Audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/07%20On%20Recollection.mp3%5D

Time for a beer .. cheers to one and all RR oddities.. for 5 full and fantastic years of quality music .. I’ve found some beauties in times past due to you lot.. but sod that .. my collection of music is considerable more tasteful than yours.. here’s a mixtape, sticking on the straight and narrow like an elephant on a giant jelly:
[Audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/11%20The%20Art%20of%20the%20High%20Five.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/13%20Natalie%27s%20Party.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/01%20Francesca%27s%20Party.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/Peter%20Von%20Poehl_Going%20To%20Where%20The%20Tea%20Trees%20Are_12_The%20Bell%20Tolls%20Five.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/06%20Anniversary.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/02%20Birthday.mp3%5D1 The Art of the High Five The All New Adventures of Us
2 Natalie’s Party Shack
3 Francesca’s Party Baxter Dury
4 The Bell Tolls Five Peter Von Poehl
5 Anniversary The Cure
6 Birthday The Jesus & Mary Chain

[Audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/St.%20Vincent_Actor_10_The%20Party.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/Candy%20Bars%20-%20The%20Birthday%20Song.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/08%20We%20Are%20All%20Accelerated%20Readers.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/11%20No%20Return.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/17%20celebrate.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1075113/FIVE%20RR/04%20Celebrate.mp3%5D
1 The Party St. Vincent
2 The Birthday Song Candy Bars
3 We Are All Accelerated Readers Los Campesinos!
4 No Return Brakes
5 celebrate Miles
6 Celebrate Tony Allen

RR is a weird beast – I have to justify myself here – I have slightly (?) obsesional tendencies – in the photos you’ll be able to spot the first years RR themes.. covers designed and in jewel cases… the folders are extra burnt cds of song ideas (no ipod then) for each theme and the next couple of years til I succumbed to the use of itunes (my pod came from a Guardian freebee on their film site)… and the newspaper cuttings – yep folks I have all the original articles from the paper long before the book of Dorian’s columns.

So what is the use of RR ?– well I couldn’t use a computer – my first postings were on friends systems.. they held my drunken hand with technology.. I was sofa surfing because of my work and confused because I had a new life – not like the old life (a six month old son to rock to sleep in my insomnia instead of a 24 hour blat the brain policy) . I logged in to RR on anyone’s computer where I stayed.. Usually reading after the clubs closed at 4am – or the Bands stuff was packed up and ready to roll….. crewing for bands earnt a bit of cash, while trying not to work away so much.

At the same time I’d been helping friends set up a record label – as they were in Germany and I was in England using this computer witchery was possibly a useful tool- but I really tried not to get involved or to get tech savvy (they wont last I tell ye).. but RR sucked me in… I had the paper on Friday to read and abuse in my head when I didn’t agree, this was sat on a train for 4 hours.. not as much seething as if they didn’t have a Guardian in the station as I ran to get the train.. then I was even more livid.. but to make myself heard I had to learn how to connect.
(what I did was type out blah blah blah then delete it – it wasn’t right to judge others taste and I found it weird – not being able to have face to face disagreements (now with fake IDs, I call a **** a **** and hide behind a small minded idiots typewriter – just like the rest of cyberland – ace innit!!!) – I also can’t type or spell – seeing letters in mirror image is a slight problem.. except reading Da Vinci’s writing – I was going to leave this in before spell check mode but it’s impossible even for me to understand…. Blah blah – anyone still reading…. Remember the days when you could read a whole article without being bored… it was only within those RR five years – honest.

Where was I? – oh yeah… I did art work- all hand done – each bit lovingly crafted with a scalpel and glued, then hand lettered and painted and stuff like that – luckily RR happened and my friends badgered me into learning this computer lark and now I can cut and paste in seconds and still make as little money out of my designs as I did previously but without all that loving craftness going into it.. the present technology is truly a great saving of effort…( if only Damian Hearst had thought of nicking other peoples ideas and passing them off as his own he wouldn’t be a struggling artist– thank god you can’t check these things in this day and age)

What do I get out of RR? – well it’s a theme – I would always weekly do a complilation – I’ve been creating them since I was fifteen.. did I mention the obsessive bit. RR hit a nerve, it had been done before.. tracklists to a theme.. but this.. this was a group trying to distil 10 tracks – it wasn’t ever going to work.. top ten by committee BIG FAT FAIL.. but it did work, it helped that Dorian kept the ever spiralling suggesters in line.. a gentle hint that – READ THE FUCKING criteria would keep the # of post to readable level. It also helped that he didn’t give a shit and would justify his picks with elegant prose.
(the little shit didn’t A list my Rong Radio nomination because he’d interviewed Benjamin Zephaniah and had a ‘Personality clash’) but he did think I was younger than I am – I’m taking this as..” wow Shane, for such an old dude you have immaculate taste in new and upcoming bands that pre dates the zeitgeist” wereas it probably meant I make suggestions like a sexually frustrated teenager… but we’ll gloss over that.

So when Lynskey left – I partied like a 19 year old because 2 A lists from him, is pants in anybodies language – well except American – because Pants means trousers there – weird – yep people I am the person that got Sugarcubes ‘Birthday’ in the A list for children – eat my dust newbees… I also got Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel.. that was it.. all those years for the strangest double so
I vowed never to darken the playlist again –because having got two whole A listers I was going to missed big stylee – obviously I never typed this out, because a beer or two relaxing on a evening and the slip of a mouse gets you right back in the fold.

Hello Maddy – Maddy was Ace.. instantly my suggestions popped in the A lists, the B lists and my name was in the blog from the teacher.. and the pride was immense – (I know it’s only a game – but I didn’t do very well at school and obviously have various needs regarding acceptance and bonding (careful with the spelling there mister) but what really tipped the shark over the jumping cow –was the 99 Luftballons Nena A listing – what for – wait for it :historical events.. yep.. what ever I bullshitted worked.. but it wasn’t manipulated in – Maddy agreed I was talking bollox.. but wanted it in any way – my Guru God was cemented in place.

Rob did an odd double in B listers for me with … Mano Dayak Tinariwen revolution and
Song About Traveling The Innocence Mission adventure and Paul what do you say.. he started off with i want a dog a pet shop boys b’side for pets… kind of continuing the interesting first ever mention I got in 2007 of I’m Still Your Fag by Broken Social Scene for homosexuality – only a two year wait for any recognition.. but if you are going to wait two years you might as well share a fag* at the end of it.

* in England that can mean a cigarette, or if you are a Tory it can mean Helper, or its something slightly annoying to do in 50’s speak “it’s a bit of a fag, but we will be able to twist that nut onto the screw” …… etc, etc

the playlist yeah hey : what’s the theme? anniversaries .. sod that…
if I hadn’t broken my tiny little brain typing this out I’d tell you why.. but that might have to wait… hope you enjoyed.

18 thoughts on “I’ll kiss you.. you’re Beautiful.. 5 years

  1. Shane; I think you’re the one that turned me on to Rong Radio, I’d never heard it ’til it showed up in RR, great cut, thanks.
    All the rest sounds familiar, brings back memories of the early days before it all got too overloaded for me.

    • You linked to some other poets GF – the youtube links would still be accessible on my old computer (I kept them in my favorites – if I remembered what names I’ve used in the past I could probably sign in again – but as with the Guardian site – I have no idea about my old identities)

  2. DId enjoy. Very much indeed. Thanks, Shane. You’re one of the first names that became a person for me on RR, and … can’t say enough thanks for all the music over the years.

    • I should do more packages – but dropbox technology makes it redundant now – still love the who feeling of a parcel.

      (Magicman and Gareth will get their spill stake presents soon – my boys first ever summer holiday has eaten away at my time – and him having fun is all that’s really important)

      It’s weird to think of you when you were a new edition – but you certainly took the RR bull by the horns and overpowered the A list chart…

      The only problem I have is you live too far away.. would love to actually meet up on a social.. glad you enjoyed.

  3. Funny how it all works out. How did we get to the point where I seem to know more about you lot than my actual neighbours? My RR memory lane:

    Tended to check out the on-line Guardian once in a while (US papers blow, for the most part). Came across RR and decided to sign-up. Don’t know why – only online activity at that point was some once in a while games of cribbage. It was Uncomfortable Songs week (that’s probably why I signed-up – right up my alley). Dorian had retired & it was Maddy’s 1st week. Anyhow, Dorian showed up as a player & donded one of my picks – Wire – Strange “There’s something going on that’s not quite right”. Which was kind of how I felt- RR was friendly but seemed very cliquey. Anyhow, that 1st dond hooked me in. Then came the ‘Spill – even friendlier & cliquier. Then figured out how many good songs could be pinched from Shane, so stuck around. & here we are

    • i think the cliqueyness developed as people stayed longer – obviously you got to know others taste – but reading from nearly the beginning it just felt like a weird group of people distracting themselves….. not cliques at all… definitely see it now though.

      …. it was only once the spill got set up that I came into my own – the mixture of artwork and podbeam – meant a link to songs I hoped people would like – before that, my posts on RR went ‘this song is really good but its not anywhere that you can find it .. it’s released on a swedish imprint and …. it sounds really lovely’ as I knew myself – I couldn’t type what I wanted to describe – so I was an undiscovered RR genius.

      Now with only 20 odd A’s and B’s all together with them easily listened to- I’m still an undiscovered RR genius – but You’ve got more tunes – job done.

  4. Sorry, that sounds like I’m damning with very faint praise. Another fascinating story – we are gradually building up our own collective mythology, which is now taking on something of the ‘conversion narratives’ of religion, how I came to take my place in the community of the music-obsessed despite doubts and better judgement – but for me, in the picture is worth a thousand words line (which isn’t something I normally say, as someone who relies on words for a living), that picture sums it all up perfectly.

  5. Abahachi – the collective mythology is a brilliant thing – before I moved house last winter – I’d cut and pasted RR conversations, believing that they could be put into artworks as an imagined cult.

    anyway – I broke parts of my computer moving and lost the references I had from RR… they are still there obviously, but re-assessing them now would give a different feel.

    I’ve said to Tin and Blimpy before, that twisting the blog side of this back into a printed format would make for a very special one off – if it isn’t being planned for the Film and music section on the 17th a day after the RRs columns 5th birthday – then the editors need to really look at themselves.

    (if they don’t we’ll have to see if we can borrow the Guardians presses for the ‘spills fifth birthday – so we can all have a spill landing paper)

    glad you like the picture.

  6. Thanks for yet another wonderful playlist Shane – particularly taken by St Vincent and Brakes, who I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly listened to before, despite knowing the name and possibly mentally filing them away beside the not especially good Turin variety.

    Enjoyed your conversion story. I’m sure I’ve stolen more music from you than any other Spiller – so yeah, your collection of music is considerably more tasteful than mine, but I’ll catch up eventually.

  7. brakes also come under the banner brakesbrakesbrakes for legal reasons – that track is wonderful.
    They have a Pixies feel to them (not really the sound – just the feel) a lot of tracks are ‘dumb rock’ played for the fun of it – and massively great for that… then tracks like ‘no return’ that tug at my heartstrings.

    (Panthers been drinking with the odd band member- he might have mentioned it in passing!)

    “my collection of music is considerable more tasteful than yours” was a tee shirt I designed for a friend, who had good taste in music, but a tendency to go on and on and on about it, not in a great way like the good people here. But we’d be “shut up and play the tune NOW kind of way” I don’t really believe it about myself ‘cos I really like some trash sometimes.

    Glad you enjoyed.

  8. oh, lovely saneshane. lovely all of you. writing this listening to francesca’s party, i had a funny moment about halfway through watching sex&drugs&rock&roll realising that i hadn’t insisted on seeing it in the cinema (tickets money plus babysitter money, decision not to be taken lightly) because of ian dury but bec am actually quite obsessed with baxter. i’ve been thinking about rr people more than usual lately but haven’t had the opportunity to post (too much work) or even reply to people who have emailed me in the past few days (i’m so sorry! i really don’t mean to be so shockingly rude – i’m trying to do two features in 10 days while my daughter’s nursery is closed for summer holiday), and i’m not supposed to be here now even – i’m 12 minutes into transcribing a 58-minute interview – but not responding to this post would be a wrongness indeed. definitely rr taps into one’s obsessional tendencies – i’m sure it did for dorian and it definitely did for me – and one of the reasons i don’t get involved since leaving is actually a fear of how easily it could consume my life again. the kids – 18 months and 3.5 now – how the hell did that happen? – don’t leave much to consume anyway. funnily enough, i bumped into dorian last week, having not seen him for a year or something, in a playground, our children were staggeringly unimpressed that we had the temerity to talk to each other for 15 minutes. one of the people who emailed was makinavaja inviting me to contribute to earworms, which i was planning to do but then got caught up researching for the interview today and also couldn’t find a link so i’ll just tell you about it: it’s kathryn williams’ side project the crayonettes, an utterly genius album for children that she’s made, i have an extremely low opinion of music made for children because most of it is sappy and nauseating, but this is really sharp and sassy and even when it is sappy it’s in such a properly emotional way that i find it absurdly moving. for instance, there’s a song about a sweet lying on the floor covered in fluff and dust that is unbearably poignant. i’m serious! my favourite song changes on a daily basis (and believe me, there is much opportunity for it to change, bec it’s hardly ever off the steroe, thankfully it’s that good that i don’t mind a bit), but the song i would have posted to ear worms had i been able to track it down is called illegal and is this incredibly sultry throbbing song about how you shouldn’t put lemonade in the fish bowl or drink the dog’s water. obviously i should have created an mp3 of it or something but, well, even after all that time on rr i still don’t know how to do that stuff properly, am turning into a hopeless luddite technologically – and you think you’re bad, saneshane. not a bit my love, not a bit. anyway happy anniversary everyone, and apologies for silence, and thank you for the music, and good night xxx

    • ahhh Maddy,
      lovely to hear from you… and such a great tip for for the children’s music.. we have ‘bump’ #2 due in about 5 weeks time.. so yes I will be creating a new commemorative CD to mark the occasion. (I am the person who slapped down 3 CDs of music at the nursery to stop our children being indoctrinated into the Bob the Builder soundtrack – it converted 5 different parents into Bhundu Boys fans – so it had to be worthwhile)
      I remember Dorian at his book launch social being quite new to this parenting malarky..the work/life/parenting is a shocking juggle even freelance.. I achieved more chores yesterday on the first day back at school than put together in the last 6 weeks of holiday…. glad you are all doing well anyway.
      (Has Dorian finished his protest song book yet? that’s a question to anyone who is in touch with him)

      and Maddy your luddite attitude to technology actually made me engage more with RR.. as I had felt intimidated before.. but a pure passion for the music, rather than the technology of the blog won out… along with the spill blog being set up (giving me the chance to show off)

      I had expected you and Dorian to be commissioned to do a RR special for the Film and Music columns 5th anniversary on the 17th.. but it sounds like you are too too busy.

      AS for Baxter.. me and my mate Lor are equally obsessed- I don’t know why.. because I can tell that the songs can sound a little weedy vocally at times and and it obviously isn’t in your face like his Dad – (not a problem) but his albums seep in – again an underlying passion shows through. Really glad you popped in… a hearty hug to my Guru god.

      • there you go Maddy – there’s a little share button on the top left if you find anything on Soundcloud – click on that, then wordpress – copy and paste into the comments.

        Haven’t found the track ‘illegal’ but these give us an idea.
        thank you
        (maki has taught me everything I know about posting music on the new site! off for some earworms)

  9. The Crayonettes are on the shopping list, thanks Shane and Maddy. My children are 3andahalfand5andahalfhowdidthathappen??

    Shane, if it’s any consolation, I did very well at school but still have a making-teacher-happy thing. And Maddy, I enjoyed your reign very much over RR in spite of not achieving any A-lists, just for the conversation. I know what you mean about the fear of getting addicted. I spent most of the first day back at work after New Year having post-deadline conversations, and realised I’d be sacked if I didn’t have a rest from it.

    Thanks again both xx

  10. Sorry Shane, I’ve only got round to reading this now after your link and comment that Maddy had been in.

    I think everyone knows by now that I was dragged into RR by my stauch-Guardian-reading friend, one Herr Immel of this paRRish. Gordon, knowing me better than almost anyone, just knew I’d be hooked if he could get me on board. All he wanted was some heavy rock support for his Deep Purple nominations … !

    I’d resisted “online communities” and blogging, seeing it as a complete waste of time; time I couldn’t afford with a second daughter just arrived, and a sole-trader business that was seriously underperforming. But Gordon just kept nagging and nagging, and sure enough, when I did eventually have a look, I’d signed up within days, blearily auto-picking the same sign-on I’d just created over on eBay, so that I stood a chance of remembering both username & password despite the sleep deprivation all you other parents know so well.

    Four-and-a-bit years later, and with (as of today) both daughters full-time at school, but the business in an even worse state than it was then, I’ll admit my commitment to both blog sites is wavering, and my inability to get to grips with wordpress doesn’t help. But I cannot begin to describe just how much your cameraderie and enthusiasm for music has meant to me in that time. I may now have a 9yo daughter, and one of 4¾, but their growth is naught compared to the breadth of my music collection and circle of friends, and for that I thank you all.

    Having said that, you want a “how the f*** did that happen?” example: DsSis’ shoe size is only two behind her mother, and she has set her sights on DsMam’s jewellery box now that she’s had her ears pierced.

    Hey Shane, who’s Peter Von Poehl? I like that.

    I’ve racked up a fair ol’ number of real-life meetings with you lot, but I want to do some more. I’ve resisted this next line for a couple of years, but it is now getting to desperation time: if I’m overstepping the mark, just let me know, and I’ll delete and apologise . . .

    If any of you know any companies locally who have FLT operators, I’d love to hear about them. If I can convert any cold calls to training bookings, I’ll get a room at your local Travelodge, and personally deliver you a large bottle of your choosing as a thank you. Shane and Maki have already tried for me, but my legendarily rubbish sales skills failed to make anything of the contacts. I DON’T want to give up the fantastic quality time I get with my kids, and have to go and get a “proper” job, so I’m persevering until the money runs out. Fortunately we cleared the mortgage some years ago, so there’s time and petrol money to last a little while longer.

    Cheers everyone.


    • so glad gordon did get you involved – I’ve found the sites a hazard to work out – and have tried to step back a bit as well -you can all tell can’t you folks?

      Peter Von Poehl – is a Swedish singer songwriter from an album called ‘Going To Where The Tea Trees Are’ ’06 possibly
      …he did another album last year too.. worth an investigate.

      if I find them I will pass them on, only three of the tracks pop up in my tunes, but they are all good. I will have to search for the rest.. (unfortunetly I’m in chaos at the moment – emptying storage boxes – to find baby stuff we’ve kept.. so shaneszanesdad doesn’t have to sign up to e-bay!

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