I love this!

I heard this on the radio this morning and it completely floored me. I have to admit I’ve never been very aware of Rameau. He’s a contemporary of Lully and Couperin, who I know slightly better. I thought I wasn’t a big fan of solo harpsichord, because it always seemed slightly cold to me (skeletons copulating on a corrugated tin roof…)

But this is completely beautiful and passionate and…Rocking!

I’m not sure this is the best version, but once I find the best version, and save up all my money, I’m getting this!


Here’s some photos requested by Maki & WilliamB on the earworm post this week, no idea why they disappeared from my blog, I tried to post them into the Earworm post comments but I seem to have forgotten how to do it, they’re all related to a Taj concert from some years back. The story’s at: http://goneforeign.blogspot.com 

Two pints of Adnams & a packet of crisps please

At the risk of offending any RRegulars not based in London – would anyone be up for a micro-Social next Thursday (October 8th)? It’s theBoyWonder’s birthday on Sunday and as there’s nothing material he wants (!), I’ve taken sourpus‘ advice and booked a Flight For 50p. We’ll be staying somewhere in central London Wednesday night – and meeting my sister that afternoon for the first time in over 10 years, hence the song – and Thursday night we have to get back out to Stansted. So, if anyone’s got time for a pint, please let me know!

We’re going to be on an extremely tight budget, so I’d be glad of any suggestions for cheap entertainment, especially if there’s music on anywhere for under a tenner (and they’d let a 15 year-old in). I’m planning on doing a lot of walking, maybe dropping by the South Bank to see if there’s anything on around lunchtime, and I’d like to take the boy out to Greenwich (is it true the pie shop’s gone?!). Apart from that we’re open to offers!

I’m off to do Motherly things until bedtime, but I would be ecstatic to find replies to this thread when I check back in tonight or tomorrow…



“All right, Benmont!”

Benjamin Montmorency Tench III

I was listening last week to Gillian Welch and David Rawlings doing a session on Bob Harris’ country music programme, and when they were talking about their new album they mentioned they’d got Benmont Tench, of the Heartbreakers, playing on it. Started me thinking about genre-crossing musicians – of course, lots of people who are in bands do studio work for other people as well, but do they usually stick to one genre or do they move around a bit?

The obvious pick for this (for me) would be Danny Thompson, who plays jazz, has worked with Pentangle and RT’s touring band, and also appears doing trad folk on Transatlantic Sessions. But he hasn’t got such a cool name.

So here for your delight are Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ version of ‘Ballad Of Easy Rider’, and the Dave Rawlings Machine with ‘Ruby’. Spot Benmont in both and my questions are:

1 Which is YOUR favourite genre-crossing musician? and

2 Is there a cooler name than Benjamin Montmorency Tench III?

AOTW – Love Live Life + 1 – “Love Will Make A Better You”

What do you get if you take a little more than a pinch of free jazz saxophone, a whole bucketload of experimental early 70’s free rock, and erm…dark-brown-eyed soul, chuck in some Jethro Tull style prog flute; and to top it all off, rope in a cheesy crooning lounge singer to wail over the top?

“Love Will Make A Better You” by one-off session group Love Live Life + 1. Made and released in 1971, the band was put together by super-producer Orita Ikuzo mainly in order to feature guitarist extraordinaire Mizutani Kimio and featuring Japan’s answer to Tom Jones, Fuse Akira (one time husband of English actress Olivia Hussey trivia fans!) on vocals. With so many disparate elements the album could have been either a triumph or a disaster, and for me too the jury was out for the first couple of listens, but I soon came to dig not only the audacity of kicking off with a side-long meltdown of experimental-free-jazz-saxophone-guitar-rock that walks the line somewhere between Ornette Coleman,70’s rock and (according to Julian Cope) Sly Stone, before moving on to shorter and sweeter chaotic-soul-jazz-rock stompers, but also the quality of the playing and the fact that it still sounds fresh and relevant today despite some obvious dated reference points.

See what you think by listening below or ripping from Dropbox if it sounds like a keeper!

News from Manuel Goettsching

I really enjoyed a wonderful live concert by Manuel Goettsching at La Géode in  Paris this summer. After having listened to his music for years and been inspired by the incredible sounds he coaxes from his guitar, it was fascinating to see him programming his music like a science professor peering at an experiment and then pick up the guitar and take flight…

The big news is, he’s playing in Great Britain for the first time in over 10 years this winter. His next solo concert will take place on the 11th of December in Glasgow at STEREO. I’ll certainly try and make it so I can go and see my folks at the same time.

Here’s an extract of his concert at La Géode and you can get more details of the Glasgow gig on his website: http://www.ashra.com  I hope to catch up with some of you in Glasgae…