AOTW: Nathan Fake – Drowning In A Sea Of Love (2006)

Been a while since we’ve had electronic music as AOTW (probably because most of you don’t like it). Nathan Fake’s (real name) Drowning In A Sea Of Love is in the box. To get you warmed up, here is an epic remix of one of the album tracks by James Holden & a Grasscut remix Nathan did earlier this year. For more info & some free downloads, check out:

10 thoughts on “AOTW: Nathan Fake – Drowning In A Sea Of Love (2006)

  1. Just listening to the first track now. I like the way it gradually builds, but I keep hoping for an icy female vocalist (Karin Dreijer perhaps) or a swooning, swooping chap (Billy Mackenzie would do) to break in and take it somewhere else. I guess somewhere I can sing along to! Which probably isn’t really ‘the point’ of this sort of electronic music. Nice atmospheric sounds though.

  2. Don’t have the critical faculties to comment much on this. Most electronica sounds pretty much alike to me, but I do find it good to have on while I’m working. And Nathan Fake is a very cool name.

  3. On first, distracted, listen, I like this a lot, Shoegazer. I don’t feel like I need vocals at all. But I can’t help thinking of it as soundtrack music. (Which is not a bad thing, from me). I need to listen when the boys aren’t yelling at me, and I’ll try to come back with something more intelligent to say.

  4. I really liked this. Jumped straight into ‘Falmer’ ‘cos of my Brighton daze and took it all in from there. I liked the way it nudged up to psychedelia at times and for those that lament a missing voice, the thing it made me go and listen to afterwards was Nick Nicely’s ‘London South’

  5. Glad y’all liked it. Don’t quite agree with the Steen’s soundtrack comment – could think of plenty of other electronic stuff to fit that better. Depends on the film though & I’m not a film-maker – so what do I know? Don’t think it’s crying out for vocals either – the melodies hold up for me & the way Nathan twists them is a big part of the appeal. A Nathan collabo with a vocalist would be interesting to hear – so don’t want to rule that thought out either. Thanks to Tatanka for the Nicely linky (only knew his 49 cigars) & think his bordering psychadelic label is right on.

    Last year’s Fake album has a bit of a harder edge to it. Like it, but not as much as this one. Anyway, cheers for listening. Who’s signing up for next week’s selection?

  6. His picture on Wiki looks like it was taken on the beach up the road…. The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix) is a fave of mine… catch up ‘spill is taking it’s toll on me.

    • Probably was – he’s from Norfolk, I think & moved to Reading for some strange reason – may explain why his stuff isn’t as mellow as it was.

      Take it easy – we can’t afford anymore ‘Spill burnouts.

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