NilpfHop (Instrumental Hippohop, part 3)

Ammoncontact get a latin workover. The best instrumental hip-hop creates a mood: film themes are often used or adapted, as in Leftfield’s Space March, reworking John Barry’s capsule munching soundtrack to You Only Live Twice. MF Doom weaves similarly dramatic soundscapes out of old Spiderman cartoons, while DJ’s Krush and Shadow mine old funk and R+B records, Krush uncovering a bassline made famous on Shadow’s Influx.
Madlib draws on the best of seventies fusion for his Yesterday’s new quintet project, but his hip-hop roots still shine through. Cinematic Orchestra also occupies a zone halfway between film soundtrack and jazz, while Tosca’s dubscapes are ideal for downbeat club sounds. I couldn’t resist the Neptunes’ Soul Pride, perhaps my favourite Xen Cuts track.


Channel One Suite: Cinematic Orchestra
Space March: Leftfield
Yeah [Kiro]: DJ Krush
What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3): DJ Shadow
Razor Cut: Chris Stein & Fab Five Freddie
Agrimony: Mf Doom
Pennyroyal: Mf Doom
Four Elements / Yes Yo Life/Just Be Good to me: DJ Krush
The Bachelors Remix (Instrumental): RJD2
Chocolate Elvis (Boozoo Bajou Soul mix): Tosca
Soul Pride: Neptune
Life’s Angles: Yesterday’s New Quintet
Daylight: Yesterday’s New Quintet


6 thoughts on “NilpfHop (Instrumental Hippohop, part 3)

  1. I’m looking forward to listening to ALL of these posts. Been a long weekend and I”m completely inarticulately exhausted, but I’m looking forward to this whole series.

  2. Can’t compete with your play-by-play reviews. Great to hear Leftfield again & a great jazzy set. Fascinating to get these different takes from each of us: Your smoother Jazzy stuff, Shanes, whatever it is, but it’s definitely Shane, & my probably more in your face approach. Loads of fun so far though.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed that from start to finish. I got all my monday-morning-catching-up chores done, took the boys for a long walk, and then sat down to work on my screenplay and listen to this (and let the boys watch cartoons). What a good afternoon! I think I particularly enjoyed the Krush and the Doom, but I loved everything. I love this overall sense that I got…samples used to create an irresistibly appealing rhythm, and just when you start to get lulled into it, the craziness begins.

    I had planned to listen to Shoey’s and Shane’s tomorrow, but it seems I’ll be out all day. Sigh. Hopefully Wednesday.

  4. I was just about to say the the same thing as Shoey, the expected jazziness and more laid back atmosphere from a Nilpferd set didn’t disappoint……. I liked local boy DJ Krush a lot too and the Cinematic Orchestra was just that..

  5. Cheers people! I did want to make it “hip-hoppier”, but decided to go easy on the Ninja Tunes material. I guess it’s true though that it’s the more jazz oriented stuff that turns me on the most.

    Though I think what got me into this kind of music in the first place was the use of John Barry Bond soundtracks, rather than seeing it as an offshoot of jazz. Here’s one of the first such examples I was aware of, Grantby’s Timber, sort of a companion piece to Leftfield’s Space March-

  6. I have really enjoyed this in a one-fades-or leads-into-another sort of way. Recognising samples all over the place but loving the way they’re used and the overall feeling of the lists. I don’t know enough about genres, etc to say anything more than that, but I have enjoyed this, thanks.

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