A Morning Cup Of (Ro)Coco

New Arcade Fire “Rococo” sounding fab, lots of music films have passed my way of late, Igor Stravinsky & Coco Chanel had a great start to it, with the Rite Of Spring riots making me wish I’d been somewhere when something so shockingly modern was unveiled for the first time, like when the Jesus & Mary Chain played 20 minutes of feedback in the mid-80s and the crowd tore the venue to pieces, the film rambled of into dullness in the second act, and massive and pointless historical inaccuracies in the third. Gainsbourg was a lot lot better, a freaky surreal random jumble that a biopic should be, showing up the limitations of Nowhere Boy the Lennon teen angst drama. I recommend going to see Gainsbourg, watching Mega Stravinsky Vs Giant Chanel on TV when it comes around, and avoiding No Point Boy. In other news I took Kit to his first music festival, where we very much enjoyed King Creosote, Tunng, and some Brazilian Capoeira Carnival type folks. I think I have to go wash some bottles now…

7 thoughts on “A Morning Cup Of (Ro)Coco

  1. There’s a cinema in Dumfries where you can take your baby – at suitable baby times of day with other baby-owners.

  2. I dug this, wasn’t sure about Gainsbourg but you’ve persuaded me. I just came back form Toy Story, which has convinced me of 2 things:
    1)3D is pointless
    2)I have to stop watching Pixar movies, because they make me cry.

  3. not sure why I can’t bring myself to fall in love with Arcade Fire…..maybe it’s because all the hyperbole can never really be lived up to in a 4 minute indie song…..

  4. hi luke- lucklily i had the first arcade fire album before it was out over here, pre-hype but the hype around the 2nd did ndeed put me off a bit. the new one is promising however.

    • I had the first pre hype too – and really liked it.. luckily I avoid reading too much about bands – but the second album failed mostly because of the recording in my mind.. it was so unbelievably muddy – not a hint of peaks or troughs at all..(there’s a technical term, that momentarily has skipped my mind) just dirge loudness (not in a good way – panther!).. such slack quality control. I just don’t quite understand what they were heading for.

      (not in the same league as the last Dinosaur Jr album, that I have to remember to turn right down, otherwise the Ms. and kid get rattled out of bed if I play it – but at least you can differentiate between instruments)

    • It’s skinny black jean gospel Carole – religious music for worship at the alter of indie – the slow quiet build up ’til- pop! – euphoria. simple effective. chant along.. all hands in the air and thank the messiah of Rough Trade or something.

      I can understand you not liking it – but not getting it’s attraction is a bit like saying the same about Kate Moss* for me or Oasis (I crewed for the tossers, and wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire) but I can see what their appeal is.

      (*stick blondes don’t figure highly on my radar either – but I get the cheek bones thing – she photos well)

      anyway – each to their own.

      (having a listen to the Suburbs album and bizarrely ‘Empty Room’ is channeling ABBA)

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