RIP Willem Breuker

Lucky that I buy the Grauniad on a Friday, or I might have missed this altogether; one of the great European avant-garde saxophonists, Willem Breuker, has just died. Don’t have time to transfer any tracks from my cds, so herewith a couple of links to clips that I’ve found on YouTube of performances with his Kollektief.

Kurt Weill’s Mandalay Song

2 thoughts on “RIP Willem Breuker

  1. Nice pieces, good energy. Always sad when another of that generation passes away. I like his comment, printed in German obituaries, about the expectation that music express the political- it’s as absurd as expecting a cow, besides giving milk, to play the saxophone.
    Also his conviction to play music as long as there was a marketplace somewhere in Europe in which he hadn’t performed with his band.

  2. Enjoyed those a lot Aba, thanks, especially the Kurt Weill track.

    I checked his discography and it seems pretty impressive, i’ll look out for some of his stuff.

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