AOTW #1 Eivor Palsdottir

This is the first week this summer that we haven’t gone away for the beginning of the week, and I’m going to celebrate by doing TWO albums of the week.

Here’s the first, dedicated to Tatanka Yotanka by way of AliMunday. I haven’t listened to it yet myself, so we’re discovering it together. Hold hands, everyone, here we go…

It’s in the box, and here’s a video of the artist performing Summertime. Very nice it is, too.

(I’m sorry I can’t do the Icelandic accents in her name)

8 thoughts on “AOTW #1 Eivor Palsdottir

  1. Steen, you’re a brick! Thanks for this. I’m starting to listen, and the first two tracks are very nice. Verdict on the rest later…

  2. Thank you Steenbeck, she is extraordinary. I think her name is pronounced “Eva Pauls-daugther”, but I could be wrong. First time I saw her she was doing a kind of Viking set, a bit operatic and over the top, quite amazing.

  3. Thanks steenbeck will take Eivør to work with me today, I liked the live stuff I’d already seen on Youtube.

  4. Giving it a not-full-giving-it-my-full-attention play through, I found it pleasant but not that startling. Hoping for more Icelandic otherworldliness on another listen…

  5. Now – as I was on a very early , eerie drive this morning listening to Eivör Pálsdóttir – (came across pleasing but, not earth shattering) – some strange things happened.

    The volcanoes billowed dark demon smoke.. the gorgeous women folk of Iceland danced about in floaty billowing teasingly (almost) see though garments with filigrees entwined in their hair – and then by the bubbling Geysers and steam filled pools… a very religious man with a twisted frightened expression – (not unlike a young Edward Woodwood) SCREAMS at the sight of a burning…..

    okay I re-imagined The Wicker Man.

    Listen again to: ‘I Gotu Ein Dag’ you will do the same.

    (If anyone from Hollywood is reading…. this is copywrite saneshane – obviously if I can art direct the fun bits.. you can nick the idea)

    • the theft of the original idea is copywrite saneshane – obviously- that’s how Hollywood works, right?

      ….and steen always cut and paste artists names from your iTunes (Eivör Pálsdóttir) makes me feel like I’m making an effort – without actually putting any effort in.

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