14 thoughts on “Have a nice day ……er, talking about bicycles

  1. Threadjack & theme leak. Our mission is bicycles. Initial reaction is that is the worst yet – all the obvious will be gone within 5 minutes. Hope we get the US version of Charming Man & The Fish Needs A Bike by Blurt. Hope it’s a bluff or that by some miracle it works out.

  2. Like I said, hope I’m wrong, but looks like we can see the Pink Floyd, Queen snoozeathon A-list already. What do you need us for then? PMacs usually good at themes, but this blows like Hootie.

    ‘Spill playlIst could be ok if you break it it down: Brakes, Bells, Saddles….

  3. John King’s Watercolor Bicycle M.Ward
    Bicycle Memory Tapes
    Trip On An Orange Bicycle Orange Bicycle
    Bicycle John Cale
    Bike The Hot Rats
    Bike Race 2 Shawn Lee
    My Brand New Bike David Ivar Herman Düne
    Brand New Bike Honig
    Bike (1) cLOUDDEAD
    Bike (2) cLOUDDEAD
    Black Mags Cool Kids
    70s 80s Nightmares On Wax
    Boy Racer Kíla

    easy see!!! well on theme.

    who is this queen and pink people you talk of?

  4. OK, said it there, will say it here. I was WRONG. In fact it’s probably going to be the best week for sometime, based on what’s come in so far.

  5. Amusing vid but prefer my satire a little less heavy handed. Mitchell & Webb are the masters at this sort of thing.

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