Eddie Orders The Wrong Question?

As a relative newbie, i still don’t know what EOTWQ means. It’s like one or those Mock the Week segments where they post a news photo and letters, and the panelists have to guess the caption. So I’d be grateful if someone could fill it out for me. I got drafted on the spot here, so a quickie with softball questions this week after the last two anorak editions, i’ll do my own anorak version when i can be arsed another time.

1. Cat Person or Dog Person?
(also acceptable answers – both, or other animal. Photos welcome with full bragging rights.)

2. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure reading material?

3. What instrument do / would you play?

4. One from MTV – What embarassing songs are on your ipod / playlist / music collection?
(One answer i remember from Ja Rule was Party All the Time by a certain Mr. Murphy)

5. Hey, baby, what’s your sign?

61 thoughts on “Eddie Orders The Wrong Question?

  1. 1. Cats, all the way
    2. I read way too much Arsenal FC related material
    3. I know how to play the saxophone (alto), having taken it out recently, it would be dishonest to say I “play” the saxophone.
    4. Guilty pleasure is a tricky term, but Limahl’s Neverending Story and Men WIthout Hats’ Safety Dance come to mind. I love them both
    5. Pisces.

  2. 1. No time for pets. Hate dog owners that let them scare me or other people. Cats are far too smug, and leave hairs all over the bed, because they don’t understand the word ‘No’.

    2. Novels/romances by Ellis Peters/Edith Pargeter, who was/were the same person.

    3. I do a bit of twingy-twang on the guitar. Wish I played a) piano, because it can sound ace and loads of people/venues have their own (no carrying!), b) harmonica, because it can sound ace, and you can carry it in your shirt pocket. Also wish I played guitar better.

    4. Can’t narrow it down to individual songs – American Road Songs 10-CD box set, bought on spec. Actually, about half of it is great. Bring on that ‘Places in America’ topic, Paul…

    5. V-sign. Or Libra, if that’s what you mean…

  3. As my planned early night went up in (malfunctioning, overheated, printer) smoke, I may as well answer these:

    1. The longtimers here know it’s DEFINITELY cats for me. Both of my last two had Spill obit.posts before your time here, Amy. I miss having any, but think I’m wearing down DsMam’s resistance to reintroducing them into our home.

    2. Teletext. And not this new-fangled digital rubbish either. I’m addicted to the soon-to-be-gone, old-fashioned, primary coloured, block-pixel Ceefax. Bring back Planet Sound, I say!

    3. None. Had piano, guitar, singing and recorder lessons as a kid; gave ’em all up, and have regretted that all my adult life. Now I’m limited to the occasional thrash on my daughters’ junior drum kit, which lives in my office. Darcey plays better harmonica than I do!!

    4. Cast of High School Musical – Breaking Free.

    I could blame the girls for that, but the fact is I’ve had plenty of opportunities to delete it, and haven’t taken them.

    5. I’ll quote Billy Connolly:
    “Sagittarius. Half-man, half-horse, licenced to shit in the woods!”

    At bleedin’ last! My printer has staggered to the end of the sheets I need for the course I start running in under 7hrs: I’m definitely off to bed now.

  4. 1. Both, although we are catless at the moment ’cause our old George went down a couple of months ago. Just shy of 17. Our dog is Murphy who graces you with his presence as I post. a 2 year old Shiba-Inu

    2. Comics in the newspaper. Been reading them
    57 years now & still get bummed if I miss a day.

    3. I used to play the guitar (play at some would say) but I haven’t picked up for years.

    4. Ok, major confession to make on this. I do have in my digital collection a copy of Dickie Lee’s Patches. I’ve only played it the once to confirm it’s horridness. My long time revulsion of discarding any music once aquired is working against me here.

    5. Capricorn

    and thanks Ejay for the acronym update I was In the dark also.

  5. 1. Cats, cats, cats, cats – no question. Dogs smell.

    2. I read so much ‘heavy’ work-related non-fiction that from time-to-time I have to allow myself some light relief (steady, tinny!) in order to preserve what’s left of my sanity and when I do, it’s almost always some P G Wodehouse. Which, I hasten to add, is in no way anything to feel guilty about.

    3. I played saxophone (alto) many years ago, I’ve strummed the odd guitar and I was given a banjo for my birthday this year, which has lain relatively unplucked so far. My main instrument is the piano – I try to spend at least ten minutes a day tinkling the ivories.

    4. Oh dear – I have so many. I do lots of childrens’ discos and I’ve just done our school summer fair last weekend. My iPod is full of things I would NEVER listen to by choice. I’ll pluck one at random and give you ‘Hey Baby’ by DJ Otzi.

    5. No parking.

    … and I think ejaydee is toying with you. EOTWQ is our acronym for End Of The Week Quiz.

  6. 1. Woof

    2. Guilty pleasure?
    Fantasy. So I open Paul’s column thinking one of my picks might be in it.

    3. Instrument
    I’d love be able to pick up a guitar and sing a few favorite songs. I’ve had a couple through the years and tried to learn but my stubby fingers don’t chord well.

    4. embarassing songs on your ipod
    There’s all sorts I have for the children (Justin Beiber, Cheryl Cole, Alexandra Burke… grr) and my wife (mushy love songs that I’d like to, well, mush) that I would hate anyone to think were mine.
    But even without them I might keep a few Take That. My wife is a lifelong fan, daughter now loves them … and they do get infectuous.

    5. Hey, baby, what’s your sign?
    Yield. What’s yours?

    • Tinny, just do what all guitar players do – miss out any chords that are too complicated or that you can’t reach.

    • Awhile ago there was some discussion on another Guardian blog (not RR) about why some acts cross over the pond from the UK and some don’t. One guy (yank) said he liked Robbie and Take That (something about the missus), but that we could all agree that the song and video Robbie tried to launch himself here with was “one of the greatest monuments to rock star assholery every made’.

  7. finally.
    1. Cats baby cats. We have two: a male Devon Rex Chester and a female Cornish Rex Mimi. He is a dog, she is a monkey. I love them to bits. Mrs Magic would love a puppy but a) Chester & Mimi wouldn’t and b) I’ve made it abundantly clear that I will NOT be picking up anyone else’s poo from the pavement. Or, indeed, anyone’s.
    2. I’m a snob at reading, so the nearest I get to a guilty pleasure is the Daily Mirror and wife’s parents. I don’t agree with the concept of guilty pleasure though. Pleasure is good baby. I also devour Philip K Dick novels in times of stress.
    3. I also play alto saxaphone (since I was 14) and also the piano. I recently bought a vibraphone which I only play at Pet Sounds gigs.
    4. Embarrassing songs ? See above for Guilty Pleasures – don’t agree with the concept. I like everything. some would be embarassed by Mariah Carey, others by Wings, others by Alexandra Burke (just kidding hahaha) others by Van Der Graaf Generator, yet others by The Sound Of Music Original cast Soundtrack. As soon as I like it, I stop being embarrassed.
    5. Gemini

    Evergreen Over The Welsh Question

  8. 1. Cats. Deranged, overly intelligent, demanding and manipulative oriental and siamese cats. Four of them, so that at any time at least one of them is making life interesting by getting locked into sheds (or, on one occasion, the chapel down the road), catching moles, rabbits or squirrels, stealing crisps or cake, opening the fridge, invading the local old people’s home to beg for titbits…. Couldn’t live without them. Used to have a lovely old greyhound, inherited from the stepson (long story), but since neither of us is really a dog person I don’t think we’re going to replace him.

    2. German regional Krimis (detective stories) – there’s a massive industry churning out stories set in all the major cities and regions. Frequently they emphasise the local colour (and, in the case of Bayern, incomprehensible accents) far more than the plot, so the stories are often rubbish but hilarious and informative.

    3. Guitar, mostly jazz; a bit rusty as I’ve been too busy to practice properly over the last year, but I’ve just this week started again. Also bass (the instrument I’ve played most in bands, as they’re always looking for bass players whereas guitarists are ten a penny and I lack the pushy extrovert personality to insist that I’m actually good enough).

    4. Like Magicman, I refuse to feel guilty about any of my musical choices, and have indeed attempted to defend them in various episodes of Radio Abahachi (really must do another one some time), but, given that I can’t help being aware that some ill-informed people might nevertheless scoff at some of my choices, I would probably highlight The Captain and Tennille, the Spice Girls and of course Whitesnake.

    5. Knee-jerk rationalist with no time for any of that nonsense, despite the fact that Mrs Abahachi dabbles and has friends who send her books with titles like ‘Planets in Love’.

  9. 1. Cat person. I do love the dog that my girlfriend’s family has, and cats can be vicious little beggers, but they are amazing.

    2. I have about 350 Penguin Classics waiting to be read at home (mostly pinched from work) and yet still seem to find the time to plough through dodgy mystery / detective stories.

    3. Theoretically, i can play guitar, practically, i haven’t tried in ten years.

    4. I have no guilt about music. Taylor Swift is top of my Last.FM charts.

    5. “Danger – High Voltage” / Libra

  10. 1. We’re petless (apart from two toddlers) but I grew up with the most amazing collie-lurcher cross, and love my mums cats to bits, so I’d have to say both. Personality-wise, I’m sophisticated and aloof, while being loyal and eager to please. Possibly.

    2. Football forums. And I’m sorry there are no more Harry Potter books.

    3. I’m a grade 8 violinist, can strum a guitar fairly well and stumble through a few things on the piano. I also have a mandolin and a bouzouki which just give me dirty looks. Don’t play any of them nearly as much as I’d like to.

    4. It was downloaded for Mrs barbryn, but I’ll confess that I don’t skip Mr Big’s “To Be With You” if it comes up on shuffle. The tracks from In The Night Garden can be annoying though.

    5. Horoscopes are hocum, except that I do display most of the characteristics of a Pisces

  11. 1. Both. As a child it was dogs ’cause I grew up the country and had loads of fun going for hikes etc with my trusty mutt, Jasper. We used to have a cat here in Madrid (TJ) which I became incredibly fond of. Now we don’t have pets which is a shame but we live in a small flat in the city and I don’t think it’s really fair to keep pets under those conditions.
    2. The Mafalda comic strips by Quino. I keep them in what is euphemistically referred to as the library…
    3. I played alto sax very badly when at school. To the immense relief of all who knew me I admitted defeat and have never since taken it upon myself to contribute noise pollution of any kind to my immediate environment.
    4. My itunes library is full of terminally uncool music. I don’t feel guilty listening to the occasional José Luis Perales song and I think that maybe I should!
    5. Year:Tiger Star: Gemini Traffic: Give Way (I’m a big softie at heart).

      • no problem Maki, i’ve had some of these on deck for awhile, but then got intimidated when you and Aba upped the game. And then i had to sub one because it got answered in your city / country question last week.
        So it’s down to williamsbach next week then.

  12. 1. Cat (That thinks she’s a dog).
    2. Comics.
    3. Bass (badly but noisily)
    4. Raveonettes – Blush
    5. Capricorn’s don’t believe in star signs

    • Capricorns don’t believe in star signs

      That’s amazing – I’m a Capricorn and I don’t believe in them either. So there must be ….

      Now wait a minute …

  13. 1) Both – currently have a four year old Staffy & two elderly tabbies.
    2) Science Fiction, but I don’t feel guilty.
    3) Also don’t quite get the ‘guilty pleasures’ idea musically, possibly the only things I’d get defensive about are the ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ & ‘Evita’ soundtracks.
    4) Guitar – just picked up a decent 12 string second hand and I’m getting the hang of that at the moment, also sax & clarinet a bit rustily, and flute if it’s confined to the bottom two octaves (I’ve been teaching myself, but can’t get the breath control right for the high notes. Keep meaning to get a few lessons).
    5) Do Not Disturb

  14. 1. Generally a people person (guess who’s on a job-hunting vibe at the moment!) but have been for the past eighteen months a step-owner of two cats and I have to say I have a deeper appreciation of their pragmatism and a greater tolerance of their psychoses than I imagine I would if I’d hooked up with a dog-owner.

    2. Mindless internet bobbins (present company very definitely excluded from that description) – while it was the anally retentive scratching around for worthless rhetorical points that drove me away from the Guardian’s footy blogs and towards the RR mothership, I still found myself scanning these inchworm debates during the World Cup, and in fact found some squabbles carrying on from 2006, with the same perpetrators. Mind you, I wouldn’t class any of it as “guilty” – grist to the mill and all that.

    3. The rain-maker is about the only instrument I’ve ever played with any confidence or competence.

    4. DsD cites Breaking Free from HSM. Small beer, my friend. I have every song from all three of the films. Truth is, though, they’re so ingrained in the tripping-over-Lego mindset of parenthood that I don’t mind them, or the Miley Cyrus, Corbin Bleu and Jonas Brothers (only one of each) tracks that sometimes show up in the shuffle. There’s a Monty Python sketch worth of cheese on my iPod so none of the guilty lurk there, and I quite like the surrealism of a piece of music segueing into Alan Bennett reading Winnie The Pooh or Michel Thomas teaching me Italian. If I was the qualify as “embarassing” stuff I’d feel abashed about if it blared out during a dinner party so there’s the stuff that actually features me, which I fear would come across to others as appaling self-aggrandisement, or there’s the Watts Prophets track, “Fuck”, which would just plain give a guest indigestion.

    5. The sign of Stevie Wonder, Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus, Dante Alighieri, Karl Marx and William Shakespeare. OK, and Tony Blair, Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein. But Michelle Pfeiffer.

  15. 1) Neither, to be blunt. Never had either and no feeling of remorse (sound of sourpus being scratched of every RRer’s Christmas list)

    2) Mein Kampf. No, just kidding obviously. No guilty pleasure reads though either. I’ll read anything. Out here in no man’s land, it helps if you’re not too picky. I quite like Russian literature – in Russian. Does that count?

    3) Ive tried a few. I’m not sure that the verb ‘to play’ may be a tricky one here, but I’ll give almost any stringed instrument a go. Just dont ask me to try the oboe. I cant do ‘the mouth’ at all – its a very fine line.

    4) Im not really the embarrassable type. When you spell as badly as me, its a useful trait. I suppose one or two might flinch when they hear my audio CD of ‘Money and the Law of Attraction’ by Jerry and Ester Hicks, but, you know.. am I bovered??

    5) I used to take an interest in this. I try not to get involved nowadays. For the record, im an Aries and a Wood Dragon – depending on who’s version you prefer.

  16. 1 I like German Shepherds (space for tins joke: )
    cats are cool too – but make me itch.. (extra tin joke: ) what I really want is a Lion, but standing next to one in Zimbabwe, I decided they needed more space – like they can stay in Africa and I’ll stay in Norfolk kinda space.
    Domestic Animals by the Jazz Butcher.

    2 no real guilty reading pleasure – RR used to take up entire weekends reading – and the e-mails linked to the ‘spill swamped my computer ’til we moved over here… it has it’s own account, which is far more interesting than my proper E-mails… but it’s not guilt reading – just procrastination.
    printed matter has it’s worth … but bile and hate filled writing is tedious.

    3 I play nothing – (I had to do football training during all the non-essential lessons at school, music being one of those at the time) – then ending up in Hospital I did art therapy, but have a ukulele that I abuse… and am designing a drum workshop for out in the garden. The Ms. plays flute, guitar, piano a bit.. we have instruments from all over the world that needs the boy and his pals to start up a band and master (they are 5, could be soon) – the thumb pianos I use when I start going slightly mad. They focus your mind and are calming – if you need to give anything up, get a pocket thumb piano they’re genius… the didgeridoo is just farting in a tube basically.
    Before I die I must learn the harmonica – so I can be musically melancholy – (that reminds me, I have to build a porch and a rocking chair – postpone that death bit for a while)

    4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9-qNJddcdw

    5 sign – ‘happy hour’ says (the lush) sane – ‘rumble in the jumble’ says scruffy old shane… and I never believe a word either of the buggers say.
    As a Gemini that used to make upresearch an Horoscope for a magazine.. pick on a friend, exaggerate their personality/work on what’s pissing you off… and you are done…. must say it was always fun when you’d just been dumped:
    …. acute embarrassment may befall you, be wary of an intense stare from an ex.
    Who wants to shit on your grave had to be edited out.

  17. 1. theoretically cat, but have no pets of my own at the moment, I have the affection of a neighbours cat though, so I am not totally alone.

    2. I enjoy fantasy books. Not sure if I should feel guilty about that, but I made the mistake of starting Robert Jordan’s wheel of time epic and would like to know what happens even though there are so many books I have no idea who half the characters are any more.

    3. I have played (poorly) the bass guitar, violin, piano and flute. Haven’t found my instrument yet, but I fancy the autoharp at the moment.

    4. I’m much more kind to myself than I used to be but I do have some Tom Jones on my iPod which I claim to listen to ironically if anyone asks.

    5. Gemini, as are 3/4 of my household.

    Nice questions amylee9 🙂

  18. 1. Cats for me. But, to be honest, I’m glad I don’t have to look after one any more since my 20-year old died last year. The thought of having to look after a dog is an appalling one: at least cats don’t make you go out in the cold rain and snow.
    2. My biggest guilt about reading is that I should do more, instead of goggling at the TV (but, sneaking back to question 1, has anyone seen Mongrels? Love it!). I probably re-read Garcia/Dead books more than I should, too. Btw, I got to the end of The Book Thief: very highly recommended.
    3. I’ve played guitar since I was 10 and should be better than I am, considering that I play it most days. I’m not disciplined enough to master all I want – but can sometimes make it sing a good tune. I’ve tried keyboards but can’t seem to control ten fingers at the same time.
    4. I can’t think of anything I’m embarrassed about but maybe I should be?
    5. Another horse-archer here. And a Chinese dragon. Meh.

  19. 1. In the country, both; in town, neither nor
    2. Janet Evanovich, NJ crimed-up chick lit.
    3. The spoons, but mostly just serving spoons. Get to jam the easy bits on an acoustic along with TheBoyWonder if he deigns to play s-l-o-w-l-y
    4. Afternoon Delight, which is all ejd’s fault (with a little help from Maddy C.)
    5. Donding Shoey

    • Problem with that song it that it puts me back to my first job where i was working all alone in an ice cream parlor with lines of people backed up out the door, all for the princely wage of $1.10 /hr. And that song played about once an hour.

      • amy – those shop tapes could cause permanent damage.

        60 minutes of songs on a permanent loop. It meant the same twelve songs all day every day for the staff. And Christmas songs from .. I don’t know – possibly about to dust those tapes off in two days time *Shudder* and because of the cost, in performers rights, these songs were knocked off covers versions too.. making them cheaper for the shops.. but excruciating for people who could hear.

        Good question for your next EOTWQs though.
        What song or band has been ruined.. etc…?
        (the.. not music questions, but one always creeps in ‘cos we are rebels)

      • shop tapes – now there’s another nasty can of worms. At one job i had in NYC, the only tape they had was Annie Lennox’ first solo album. Over and over, night after night. I can’t stand to listen to any of it now. And after a few months, they got a Basia tape too. Which made things even worse, as i couldn’t stand that from the get go.

      • Might as well have been Chinese water torture. But i had another job where it was UB40 over and over. And i still love them.

  20. This is possibly the best EOTWQ in ages; so revealing. Never realised what a unique contribution we could make to the world of music, imagine, our own orchestra, 7-8 alto saxes [I’m another] a banjo, 14 guitars, Vibes, bass, drums, several pianos, a violin, a bazouki, and DsD on lead vocals! A veritable orchestra!
    I’m with Billy Connolly re signs plus I’m happy to also be with May1366 and his coterie of creativity [and butchery]. Like Shane, it’s German Shepherds and the more the merrier plus Boxers and also cats who think they’re dogs. No embarassment on the iPod and no guilt either, I read constantly, just finished ‘Colossus’ the story of how the Hoover dam was built, absolutely amazing tale, well worth a read.
    My apreciatiom to Ejay for pointing us to EOTWQ #1, I also would have sworn that it was quiz not quintet and I’m amazed that it’s only just over a year old, I’d have guessed several. It was very interesting to re-read our comments from back then. I was often confused when it always seemed to come out on a Tuesday, prior the Earworms, but regardless it’s been a Spill staple that’s unified the group in ways that no other regular feature has.

  21. 1. Cats
    2 Old copies of “Mad” (and the Guardian)
    3.Bass guitar
    4″Tall Paul” – Annette (But, God, I did love her when I was 16)
    5. Pisces. The star sign with more musicians, poets, actors, writers than any other. Also the most dreamers, alcoholics, bankrupts and drug takers!!

      • Thank you. A similar thing happened last week, but I never get trouble commenting on the Earworms!

  22. Elephants Often Travel With Quad-bikes.

    1. Cats. Have posted pix of Sparky before if you are desperate enough to trawl back through, there have been quite a few ‘pet’ posts (dogs, cats, cows etc.)

    2. The Spill. “Metro” (free newspaper) and The Guardian colour supplement. So me, dahling … (not).

    3. Used to play flute but can’t remember how, now. Still quite good on recorder, but tends to be a niche taste.

    4. Tom Paxton – “Behold, I give you the morning”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxWEIHFLBLg Soft, or what??

    5. Another Pisces – most of Rockin’ Mitch’s descriptions apply apart from actor and bankrupt. So far.

  23. Great questions, Amy!

    1 I’ve always lived with cats. Acquired a dog at one point when a friend went to live on Tresco, the private Scilly Isle where no dogs are allowed – I thought it would be temporary but she married a fisherman and never came back. The dog (a saluki) and I did not bond. My current cat, Drusilla, doesn’t know it but we’re getting a kitten soon.

    2 Not ‘guilty’ but I often re-read my childhood books, especially if I’m not feeling well and especially Arthur Ransome.

    3 I own an acoustic guitar and a ukulele, but ‘play’ is a bit of a stretch. I do have a claim to fame though, since I taught Matt his first guitar chords – and that’s why he plays right-handed, though he’s a southpaw for everything else.

    4 Not on the ‘Pod, but I have a box of snigles in the cupboard which includes, as well as Are You Sure by the Allisons (op cit), I’m Into Something Good. But that’s my sister’s.

    5 Pisces. Mitch, you included ‘dreamer’ on your bad things list – but I think it’s a good thing.

  24. 1. dogs
    2. re-reading Jane Austen
    3. Guitar/viola/piano/viola da gamba … I have played.
    I’d like to play clarinet
    4. stumped! I’m sure there’s something…
    5. Cancer

  25. Pigs … I worked with pigs at various points, I studied charcuterie in France and it remains an ambition to be a salami farmer. Make mine a Tamworth.

    Heat; so taken with the trout pout I might get one.

    Dilettante and lazy with it; violin, accordion, saxophone/clarinet and now guitar. Planning fuck off double bass drum kit for retirement years.

    Every Peter Hammill recording ever released, in multiple versions/labels/formats and a huge heap of live concert recordings that I’ve never ever revisited.

    Keep left – Scorpio

  26. 1- I love all creatures great and small. May stop a bit short of humans most times sometimes in rare instances, unlike May, i’m not a people person. But I’m a cat person, and especially black cats. Last two i found on the streets of NYC. Maki, i had a tiny apartment in NYC, and thought that it may seem unfair to the cat, but they had a few squares a day, a safe place to sleep, and lots of love. Shatzi has passed, The Liebchen is FIV+ and in London, hope to see him in the fall. Housemate’s two agreeable grey tabbys allow me to share their space now. So donds to all of the pets past, present, and future (Dsd and tfd). I saw the magnificent Jasper a few threads back, and donds to avatars of Murph, ToffeeCat, and (Mimi or Chester?) magicman.

    2- Top of the pile international crime fiction. Disproportionate amount coming from Scotland, Ireland, and Scandinavia these days. Nothing much to feel guilty about (I read plenty of novels too), except a nagging feeling that maybe it’s time in life to tackle Proust, Ulysses, and War and Peace.
    OTOH reading CiF articles with the hundreds of comments inspires legitimate guilt. Not to mention stopping by the Mail.

    3- Played at guitar. Badly wanted to be a shredder, but i did suck. Or lacked discipline / dedication. And acoustic not much fun if you can’t sing, my voice is so bad it makes Ronnie Wood sound like a nightingale. (Who let him near a mic??) So if i get a crack at another incarnation, i would like to be able to sing. Being able to shred would be a big bonus.

    4. So many i don’t know where to start. But I’m inspired by Fintan‘s courage, I know what it must have cost him.

    No Britney Spears to declare. Along with others, I’ve taken a gentle swipe or two at Madge. But i actually like 3 of her songs – Crazy For You, Live to Tell, and Don’t Tell Me.

    I couldn’t stand most hair metal, and was pretty thrilled when GnR finally sent most of those bands packing into oblivion. So i have no KISS, Poison, or Cinderella in my closet of skeletons. But it wasn’t all shite [newsflash- it was. -Ed.], some of it was salvagable. I liked 2 Crue songs (Looks that Kill, and Sick Love Song, if you must know), and some Ratt, Skid Row, White Zombie, and LA Gunz. Now that I’ve outed myself, i guess i can’t claim irony if i ever post any on RR.

    I do love at least one song by a group that gets a periodic thrashing on RR. Just waiting for a topic that will allow me to post it and compete for the most anti-donds.

    Strawbs -Autumn

    And one last anti-dond candidate, a nauseatingly fluffy fairy cotton candy confection which happens to be my favorite (solo) Sting song, and one i think is just lovely –

    5. I’d like to say Dangerous Curves Ahead, but that would be a lie. So I’ll dond exodus and say Do Not Disturb. Otherwise I’ll cast my lot with the other Libras on the blog. Otherwise known as Imbalances to the French, n’est-ce pas, Ejaydee?
    Same sign as Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, Juan Peron, Lech Walesa, lee Harvey Oswald, David Cameron, Peter Mandelson, John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Bryan Ferry, and David Lee Roth.
    Put that unholy mix in your bong and smoke it, Mitch.

    Thanks for Playing!

    • Loved reading this. Nice randomly interesting questions too.

      I think this is the first time you’ve been able to just kinda let yourself go beyond the confines of responding to and RR topic or someone else’s post here. Cool, and welcome!

      • That’s because i’m a smart ass, and generally spend enough time mopping up and apologizing afterwards it’s just best to keep the trap shut in the first place.

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