Safety Dance

I will protect you from the hooded claw……

Now Hats what I call music.. volume two thousand one hundred and ten.
TUNEs in the HAT BOX (with extras) over on my site.. I’m having cloud issues.. will put the top(hat)10 in tomorrow:should be here now:

1 Providence Withered Hand
2 Feather in a Baseball Cap Architecture In Helsinki
3 Wizard Buys A Hat The Mountain Goats
4 Kennedy Killed The Hat Buck 65
5 My Crooked Crown Her Space Holiday
1 Bobble Hats In Summer Xela
2 (Hats off to) Dror Frangi The Chap
3 Crown The Clown Eugene McGuinness
4 Eat Hats eagleowl
5 Powdered Wig Machine Desert Sessions

“We put our hi-tops on the highway and our mesh hats will follow…”
So are the words ‘last days’ referring to Kurt or Jesus.. is the phrasing of
“and my feeble body” echoing Leonard Cohen with knowing perfection?
You will lose your looks.. I’ll leave a beautiful corpse.

“Your foots on the clutch, your hands on my crutch” so say Architecture In Helsinki. I wish they had been about when we had a driving test at work and had to answer multi-guess questions after..
One of them said eating while driving is the MOST distracting thing you could do.. more so that using your mobile.. this was seriously argued until I pointed out that everybody was wrong and my answer of a blow job beat both hands (or indeed heads) down… I win, now please sack me.

Wizard Buys A Hat is perfect – why not magic a hat? Do you get your change mixed up in your little velvet purse with special dust that goes- Phooof tra la….

Did all men wear hats before Kennedy? – and then he killed that fashion dead – I just don’t know.. I’m English, we still wear Bowlers (or straw boaters in the summer hols dear boy)….FACT.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to buy a Her Space Holiday album and they made indie films together forever afterwards.. she had long straight dark hair- looked a bit ‘60s kooky – he was slightly geeky but had a fucking cool record collection. Jacks drug addiction made him fall down big style.. and her alcoholism caught up with her when she was discovered slumped in the chip shop drinking pints of vinegar covered in the newsprint describing their success… THE END (great story tune plays out over end credits)

Bobble Hats In Summer helps keep your brain at a constant temperature for future use, like a tea cosy – beautiful tune, with little taps on bottles in places.. always a joy when you discover that. Especially when your head explodes from over heating.

Really, who is Dror Frangi? – I don’t know, after listening to the tune I’m not going to google it… but The Chap (Chapeau to me for this theme).. Perfect for a top ten… yeah. Hat’s off indeed.
(Should be mixed with Madness – house of fun – just to *ahem* ram home the hats link)

A drunk Clown being crowned after too much Rose wine – how many nightmares does that conjure?

Eat Hats yes as ever if my tunes got picked I’d ….. are you keeping up? Good let’s stop this chilling and …

…..Dance to a Powdered Wig Machine take off your ‘mask’ and kiss me – you know you want to….

Thank you for listening.. I Tricone Tricorn my hardest, after a night Cap..because I Ferdora you all.. I know, I need to beehive.. I conFez to not making my list a Biggin.. but it’s late… so Hood night.

3 thoughts on “Safety Dance

  1. Nearly caught up.

    You pipped me to the Goats this week – that should be a shoe-in (but now it’s a Shane-in, waah!)

    Loads of Shanefaves (Buck has a free triple album thingy on his website, BTW), but of the newtomes, liked Wig Machine (although it needs to be Powdered, methinks). Best of all was Eagleowl – wonderful stuff.

    Shame there were no other takers. Oh well, their loss.

    Right, let’s see if I’m awake enough to play University Challenge on Aba’s thread.

    • you know how much effort that took?
      WB telling me I’d slipped up on tricorn, was bad enough.. but a letter missing in a song title (and I pasted it each time so it continues) that’ll teach me to concentrate when recording these things onto the ‘puter.. cheers for the listen…
      I got some donds over on RR so it wasn’t a wasted idiotic list – hats eh?.. now if it’d been heads!

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