The Heart Of Creation

School of Seven Bells had breezed past me on a wistful wisp of underwhelming cloudgaze until now!

I’ve always kept my eye on them (due to the Secret Machines connection mainly), as I knew they’d one day come up with the goods!!

You may like this if you like The Sundays, Cocteau Twins, or My Bloody Valentine.

14 thoughts on “The Heart Of Creation

  1. Love the Bells, so will forgive the Cranes diss from earlier.

    WTF with the banner ads that have just started popping up BTW.

    • That was me – WP delogged me on the phone again without asking. Logged back in & Ads go away. On the mobile format the ads are the same size as & above the post headers. This is what visitors (if we have them) will get. Not cool.

  2. I’m listening again and it’s still bloody ace – BUT THAT PHOTO is giving me a headache – bet those dresses are that new fangled nylon stuff.

  3. Blimpy – this is ace. Jangly guitars & airy vocals – I love this kind of stuff. RE: the photo I believe the fashions were from Panchito’s Paraguyan Parade.

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