Spillstake Update


At last, the relentless pace of the World Cup slackens enough to permit a little quiet reflection.  Especially by Fabio Capello, Carlos Quieroz, Raymond Domenech and Marcello Lippi, but also by Williamsbach, who has been promising a ‘Spillstake update for a couple of weeks now.

 Having tried and tried and failed, despite Tincanman’s best advice, to produce a pretty picture (something to do with jpegs, my laptop and incompetence), I have downloaded a screenshot to a Word document.  There’s a link above; hope it works!

In summary, Garethim (Spain), Daddypig (Uruguay), Mrs Bluepeter (Ghana), Barbryn (Argentina), Gordonimmel (Germany), Toffeeboy (Holland), Cauliflower (Paraguay) and Alimunday (Brazil) are through to the quarter finals.  Everyone else, sadly, is out, including Cameroon who were both the first team knocked out and my pick, not necessarily a coincidence.

I’m still waiting for prize confirmation from DarceysDad, CaroleBristol, Bethnoir (second), Mrs Bluepeter, Toffeeboy and Cauliflower.  Let’s have ’em soon, people….

Holland v Spain in the final, anyone?

33 thoughts on “Spillstake Update

  1. Well updated, WB. Had been wondering on the status – though not of ‘my’ team, Chile (sad emoticon).

    What’s the deal with posting the prizes? When, where, etc?

    • It can be anything, Carole. If it’s something physical, make it easily shippable – t-shirt, book, CD, novelty hat, painting by Vermeer, that sort of thing. Otherwise, a pledge to write a song, do a playlist, provide accom. and guide services for a visit to your home town, something less tangible.

      Anybody know CB well enough to offer a concrete suggestion?

  2. I won 3 prizes in a raffle today so I’m evidently feeling lucky … then again that’s probably my quota for the next 25 years. So Spain v Holland seems a good bet.

  3. Just picking up on the latest developments. Feeling VERY honoured at being allocated Paraguay – I expected to get one that was knocked out on Day 1. It was all I deserved, but the sun is shining on me in so many ways…

    (sorry I didn’t follow up previously – this arrived because it’s a new thread)

    • Send rhubarb … your rhubarb is top notch. But if you’re decided, maybe Carole could send rhubarb, would be good to have a few perishables in the mix. Kicking myself now for not offering sardines.

  4. Replying for Mrs.bluepeter.
    I am down here in South Africa and have picked up some World Cup tat – sorry tasteful merchandise – that I can forward to a deserving recipient.
    Is it “winner takes all” or was there to be a sliding scale depending on finishing position?
    Let me know details who is to recieve my wonderful goodies, and they will be despatched. ( The goodies that is,- you make it sound like a Maffia hit – ed.).

    • Sliding scale, Bluepeter. Abahachi read my mind in suggesting this framework earlier:

      ‘1st place: 5 prizes
      2nd place: 4 prizes
      3rd place: 3 prizes
      4th place: 2 prizes
      Team with the Golden Boot: 2 prizes
      Most goals for: 2 prizes
      Fewest goals: 2 prizes
      Most goals against: 2 prizes
      Most red cards: 2 prizes
      Fewest bookings: 2 prizes

      Prizes to be allocated in that order: so, 1st place gets first pick of 1 prize, 2nd place gets second pick, continue going through the list again and again until all prizes given out…’

      That was, however, when there were only 26 of us signed up, so there will be some modifications. Also, intriguingly, Tincanman suggested that the overall winner could allocate some of the prizes to other category winners. I like that idea, so it will be factored in.

      • I think I’m playing for the love of the game (which I must admit I have not watched. Not one kick of it. And barely a Spill participant until I get my life back.) And I was late.
        I’m making a case for leaving me out of the prizes, in the extraordinary circumstances that Paraguay are placed. It just wouldn’t be fair.

  5. Providing the recipient isn’t gordonimmel (who already has a copy, not because of any anti-Germany feelings!) I’ll be sending a copy of Somebody’s Brother’s one and only vinyl EP to the appropriate person.

    There may be a bonus [don’t you mean “booby”? – Ed.] prize of a part-loaded mp3 player for which I’ve lost the box with the software disc and USB/charging cable. Anyone with a box of weird connection cables lying around is welcome to it, and will hopefully get a peek into the strange world of DsD Gym Exercise Musical Accompaniment!!!!

  6. My prize is some tasty westcountry fudge and other sweet things. Sorry I have nothing football related. Go Ghana!

  7. Cruel, cruel on Ghana! Two people were supporting Uruguay at the pub last night, each of whom had pulled them out of a’Spillstake-style draw. Everybody else there was Ghana Bafana; elation when the penalty was awarded, misery when it was missed….

    Holland desrved everything, though, despite Robben’s dreadful diving. Brazil were nothing, nothing, I tell you. Very disappointing.

    So tonight sees Maradonna’s Argentina, succeeding because of or despite their crazy manager?, taking on the, literally, rejuvenated German team, young, refreshing and talented. Could be the match of the tournament.
    Later, in the battle of the never-won-it-befores, Paraguay, having surprisingly drawn with both Italy and New Zealand and struggled to beat Japan, face Spain, pre-tournament favourites, but serial World Cup underachievers. Intriguing.

    • Yeah, wb. Jess got Uruguay in her class sweepstake, so we went into the game as temporary South Americans. Very mixed emotions over the result and how it was achieved. I do think that Suarez is being unfairly demonized in the press though … what would you have wanted Rooney to do if it had been us in that position?

  8. Suarez did what anyone would do in that position – it’s human nature – either protect face (or goal) – sending off and penalty is justice – but because most people wanted Ghana to win the emotions he showed in the tunnel is what is riling…(and the fact that the penalty was missed.. otherwise it would have been fine)

    The fact that they went on to lose in the shoot out .. stinks to all people who want fairness in life – but life ain’t fair.. mostly…….all the England defender who were still emotionally bankrupt, because of the blatant cheat by Maradona for that ‘hand of god’- live their life seeing him run around them for the second goal.. but who could re-focus so quickly after such an obvious kick in the teeth….. it was the same for the shoot out… Uruguay from the clutches of defeat were pumped for the penalties… it happens, life ain’t fare.

    But as my son said – Argentina are as bad as Australia now and England are a bit better at being bad at football because we scored two against Germany… (he saw the second goal, so it counts.. I try not to ruin his fun with Facts in any part of his life)

    now Spain scrapped through just.. to set up what will be the dullest semi ever against Germany (because we’ll hope for passing, skill and goals galore) if they both play the beautiful game i don’t mind who wins…

    and Holland – boy I used to love the Netherlands – but Like Portugal one player spoils my fun – Robben’s knocked down with a feather faffy cheating annoys the hell out of me… so ugly old Uruguay might be forgiven by the time of that one…. who knows.

  9. Now. Who wants rhubarb? Or a nice money box in the shape of the world?

    For a millisecond this evening I was actually interested… gauging the way my pick was going by the cheers from the house next door, filled with Spanish hotel workers. At least they’re smiling : )

    Doen to the wire – and into the prizes – for
    Garethim (Spain) v Gordonimmel (Germany)
    Daddypig (Uruguay) v Toffeeboy (Holland)

  10. DsD – not that. I’d hope (no doubt vainly) that Rooney would have more dignity (ho ho).
    Each of the Uruguayan players on the line had a go at handling the ball, and Suarez succeeded with both hands. Not protecting his face at all, Shane. The sending-off and penalty were quite right; shame the Ghanaians couldn’t capitalize. There’s no provision in footie for awarding the goal, unlike the penalty try in rugby, so we just have to suck it up and get on with life.

    God, that Spain game was boring….

    • I didn’t mean HE was protecting his face there – just anyone defending on the line – your hands come up and protect your face or protect the goal.. THAT’s human nature, is what I was getting at… I’m not good at this typing clearly lark.

    • That’s exactly what they did – two teachers and thirty kids each got a team in a draw. Then for homework that week, the kids had to find out a number of facts about the country they drew.
      Additionally, in what I think was an even nicer touch, there’s a proper football (not one of them Jabalanabanana pieces of crap) awaiting the “winner” as a prize.

  11. This is great – Hope all those columnists and media pundits who’ve spent the past week lecturing on all the things Europe has to learn about international football from South America countries will open this week with an explanation of how they plan to get their feet out of their mouths. They won’t though. British media types – political and sport, anyway – don’t seem to think their readers remember from one day to the next.

  12. I don’t care what my pick in the sweepstake is, I still want Netherlands to win. I’m even hoping for a Holland v Germany final since I still haven’t quite got over the Dutch loss when I was 10 years old.

    And I was close to liking Uruguay again but then they went and reverted to type with their ‘Three Goalies On The Line’ routine. Suarez just keeps making it worse and worse and ofcourse FIFA won’t give any extra sanction (presumably because the requisite sum has not been deposited into the required account….who knows….ahem…..)

  13. Good God – I’m still in this am I? Or rather, my Dutch alter-egos are.

    I’m not quite sure how it’ll all work but I’ve decided that my prizes are all going to be 7″ singles from my attic. They’ll all be good (I promise). Top prize will be a flexi disc by a band called The Enormous Room on which I appear, playing the clavichord. Will that do?

    • Toffeeboy, that sounds like an excellent prize. You only need to offer one, by the way; the lucky winner gets to choose a number of the items on offer from different entrants. I’ll put you down as ‘a selection of 7″s, including own band’s’, shall I?

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