(Terry and) Junes record collection

ahhh – time for Junes albums – mostly a smart collection, 30 odd records I’ve been through.. lets have 24 tracks to sample, I’d really like some opinions and then I will tell you what I really think of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti:

[Audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Our%20Composition%20Book.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Book%20Of%20Stories.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Round%20and%20Round.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/2%20Trees.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Beach%20Fossils%20Wide%20Awake.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/what%20did%20my%20lover%20say%20%28it%20always%20had%20to%20go%20this%20way%29.mp3%5D
Our Composition Book Wild Nothing Gemini
Book Of Stories The Drums The Drums
Round and Round Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Before Today
2 Trees Foals Total Life Forever
Wide Awake Beach Fossils Beach Fossils
what did my lover say? (it always had to go this way) wolf parade expo 86

[Audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Howl.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Meursault%20%20Under%20Pain%20of%20Death.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/The%20Pact%20%28I%27ll%20Be%20Your%20Fever%29.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/My%20Fears.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/17%20Pink%20Sugar%20Elephants.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/I%20Died%20So%20I%20Could%20Haunt%20You.mp3%5D
Howl Johnny Flynn Been Listening
All Creatures Will Make Merry… Under Pain of Death Meursault All Creatures Will Make Merry
The Pact (I’ll Be Your Fever) Villagers Becoming A Jackal
My Fears James Yuill Movement In a Storm
17 Pink Sugar Elephants Mates of State Crushes (The Covers Mixtape)
I Died So I Could Haunt You Stars The Five Ghosts

[Audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Long%20Flight.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Silver%20Columns%20Warm%20Welcome.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Karaocake%20Eeeeerie.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Guiyome.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Unholy%20Demon%20Rhythms.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/We%27ll%20See%20To%20Your%20Breakdown.mp3%5D
Long Flight Future Islands In Evening Air
Warm Welcome Silver Columns Yes and Dance
Eeeeerie Karaocake Rows & Stitches
Guiyome Konono No.1 Assume Crash Position
Unholy Demon Rhythms Tobacco Maniac Meat
We’ll See To Your Breakdown The Chap Well Done Europe

[Audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/The%20Ballad%20Of%20Moose%20Bruce.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/The%20Underdogs.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/This%20Familiar.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/I%20Read%20It%20In%20The%20Paper.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Solitude%20Is%20Bliss.mp3,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/531950/june%2010%20review/Girlfriend.mp3%5D
The Ballad Of Moose Bruce Born Ruffians Say It
The Underdogs The Golden Filter Voluspa
This Familiar Nina Nastasia Outlaster
I Read It In The Paper Peggy Sue Fossils & Other Phantoms
Solitude Is Bliss Tame Impala Innerspeaker
Girlfriend Ty Segall Melted

41 thoughts on “(Terry and) Junes record collection

  1. The player for each collection of 6 is above the list: song title first and the band names are in bold the album name follows.. all clear?


    • ta for popping in –
      the Beach Fossils album is a lovely joy.
      – the Galaxie 500/ My Bloody Valentine influence prevails – if you are going to soak yourself in reverb and chill.. you might as well grab those two as an influence (Window View and Wide Awake wear each bands t-shirt for comfort)

    • Every time I say to Shoey that I will take over for a month – a vast deluge of interesting albums hits my mat/inbox – It’s great, but yes- more hours are needed in the day.

      do you have the Meursault? I really like – once you get into the roughness as ever – wonder if ‘Song for Martin Kippenberger’ will get people goggling?

      …and following on from that have you heard the ‘Cold Seeds’ album? Animal Magic Tricks, Meursault and King Kenny (it’s out on Vinyl from song by toad.. but I’m out of record tokens for this month – and I can’t spot it on e-music – even though it’s supposed to be up in June)

      anyway, if you get time – enjoy the tracks.

      • I have both! And haven’t had the time to absorb either as yet!! Or any of these tracks, alto i felt a strong urge to listen to the drums today, so i’ve dled that album, and only managed 3 tracks cos i’m so stupidly busy ALL THE TIME EVER AAARRRRRFGghghghg

      • I’ve been enjoying the Drums – in a kind of dumb catchy way – perfect for the heat wave we’ve been having. (down here, everywhere?)

        I shall keep an eye out for the cold seeds.

  2. Heh, certainly manage to saddle you with the monster months.

    Having a bit of a nightmare week. Tried to fix a pinhole pipe leak on Sunday. Woke up. Monday with a rash & swollen face from an allergic reaction to something – probably some of the plumbing supplies or a dodgy pork chop, but no leak. Woke up this morning to a flooded kitchen – leak has decided relocate somewhere inaccessable. Head is now the size of a beachball & left eye is swollen shut. Typing this before the right one catches up. Not sure the Korean look suits me. Off to get some Roids before seeing what the plumber wants to rip out.

    In other words, haven’t gotten to this yet.

  3. Wild Nothing – lovely – should be Swedish! Also reminded me a bit of the Trash Can Sinatras after listening to Bishbosh’s AotW.

    The Drums – read a review of this lot, thought I’d find them irritating – don’t at all – pretty adolescent jangle pop. Could also be Swedish.

    Would like to hear what you really think of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. I think it might be total pop genius, but it might equally turn out to be irritating 80s pastiche.

    Who’s this playing in a strange time signature? Ah, Foals. Interesting.

    Beach Fossils – ah, it’s 1993 and former shoegazers are revealing a hitherto hidden gift for melody… (whatever happened to Moose, anyway?) Actually, this is great.

    Wolf Parade – I was blowen away by the last Sunset Rubdown album, but haven’t investigated Spencer Krugg’s other stuff. Must do so.

    Johnny Flynn – have been meaning to investigate him for a while, but this didn’t push him further up the to-do list.

    Meursault – the only reason I didn’t include “The Furnace” as one of my Festive ‘Spill tracks was coz I was sure someone else would, but I guess Blimpy, GarethI et al thought the same. Look forward to hearing this one.

    Villagers – how come I know this? BBC Glastonbury coverage? 6 Music? Like it anyway.

    James Yuill – Aphex Twin playing Coldplay? Is this one guy, or DJ with guest vocalist?

    Mates of State – one for the mixtape for the kids

    The Chap – fantastic title, and really good record goddammit!

    Either I’m too easily pleased, or there are some damn fine records out this month. Hoping to be less enthusiastic about part 2…

  4. Future Islands – fine, but can live without this.

    Silver Columns – seem to know this one too. Like the disjunction between the Miserable Scottish Indie and the shuffle in the beat.

    Karaocake – quite like, can live without.

    Konono no.1 – I caught sadly only a few minutes of them at WOMAD a few years ago. The world definitely needs more thumb pianos.

    Tobacco – hurrah, I didn’t like this particularly!

    The Chap again? Unfair advantage. Interesting goings-on. Loving the violin.

    Born Ruffians – yelpy. Warrants further investigation.

    The Golden Filter – ah, I’m a sucker for this kind of thing. Also quite Swedish sounding. And a gorgeous Sarah Nixey breathiness is her voice.

    Nina Nastasia – aha, an album I already have! Love the atmosphere of it, and the orchestration. This track will be a show-stopper in the admittedly unlikely event of a Nina Nastasia Mamma Mia-style jukebox musical.

    Peggy Sue – really like this too. Who does her voice remind me of? More good violins.

    Tame Impala – pleasantly psychedelic, but doesn’t quite live up to the band’s name

    Ty Segall – nah, not really my thing.

    Well, in conclusion, there’s some great music out this month. Thanks for this introduction to it. I must learn the Zen art of appreciating what I do hear, and not worrying about what I don’t have time for. Don’t think I can vote for a top 3 though.

    • barbryn – that’s why I didn’t go with a vote system this month.. it is purely a means to investigate further. (or not – if it all just falls flat)

      James Yuill is a one-man band armed with a laptop, mixing decks and an acoustic guitar.. agree about the Drums.. Beach Fossils is great (obviously you have to like that type of thing – hugely influenced but hasn’t annoyed me like Mr Pink!)).. I need more wolf parade too.

      I really like Johnny Flynn, but it’s not must have yet.. but his songs creep under my skin – I don’t regret buying on vinyl.. put it that way. Meursault/ Villagers/ James Yuill I’m loving so far.

      The Chaps ‘we worked in bars’ I thought was perfect for bars subject on RR but no chance – I’m enjoying it anyway.

  5. so I’ll suffer Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti once more and that’s it – here goes:

    I don’t know his previous work, it must be genius, because this album is a monumental disappointment for me.
    4AD sent me so much info about its up coming release, then Rough Trade shops and the scans of reviews all seamed so positive.
    I was ready to order the vinyl just on hear say…. Thank fuck I didn’t.

    I heard as I started to play – what sounded like a retro bop style and my enthusiasm started to fade .. it wasn’t just that, it was a footloose take on rock and roll that seemed to seep through (and I’d got about three tracks in)

    But worse was to follow – fright night sounded like a sketch Peter Murphy (Bauhaus singer) was going to work on for one of his solo albums (but not as ‘fun’ as that sounds – this isn’t a compliment by the way) it’s boring/ no atmosphere/ or even effort.

    And then, shit a brick, Quincy Jones pops in to wank out a beat in his sleep that a dead Michael would need a few more pills to accept.. it’s getting worse.. and the tunes are now soft pop/rock that people took Heroin – so they could avoid this sound in the ‘80s. (Round and Round then gets a big up in Film and Music –and I just start to feel like I just don’t understand any more)

    There’s the odd line or couplet that he feels so pleased with, that he then over eggs so much it’s unbearable, other wise it’s ramble – but not interesting ramble – mess ramble… I like random – I like odd – I like mess.. but it’s starting to try my patience.

    I’m on about track 8, the kitchen sink has thrown in on the last couple of tracks – and then the cheesiest track in the world EVER is played with dimmer lights sax and every thing – I’m going to invent Rave now, so I can neck E,s to obliterate this from my mind – if this had been on my record player it would have been removed and smashed to smithereens at that very point… or melted into a crack pipe… I just don’t know…

    IS IT ME – or what?

    So it’s still on and a tuneless backing for button moon (kids tv from the 70’s) plays out – followed by another Bad Jackson beat to a song called Menopause Man.. jeese the will to finish this play through is unbearable.

    Feeew… Revolution’s a Lie is kinda okay in a Love and Rockets/tones on tail sort of way (keep up with the references youngsters, we are talking history here – this isn’t a major compliment either)… but only just. And it certainly doesn’t make up for putting me through that.

    So what is it?
    What don’t I get?
    Is it ace for the kids who weren’t subjected to this shit first time around?
    Does he just suck cock like a demon?
    Or supply great drugs?
    Or have I just read the wrong reviews and am OLD.

    Is it also because Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti is such a great name – that I’m doubly disappointed and nothing would live up to that – or is every one just being sold a pup…. has anyone else had a play though?-.. am I just being too harsh, I don’t usually get such vile reactions to albums.. but this has hit every dislike spot going.

    sorry Ariel!

    • No doubt there are good bits of the 80s, musical bits that have been plundered by very creative folks already, Ariel Pink doesn’t seem to have a very good filter – and that’s why it’s not working I think.

      • The ’80 was great – from the end of re-imagined ska – to new wave – indie utopia – to the pixies/galaxie 500/ dinosaur jr pre grunge- the electronic/synth boom that freaked the musical purists and the beginning of hip hop – that freaked singers/ white people… I loved it.. and obviously grew up searching for the alternative.

        what I disliked was bland soft rock – and pop that catered to the lowest form of interest…. and it isn’t ironic, it’s still bland. what gets my goat is the fact we couldn’t avoid what the BBC dads played – there was no alternative – this seeped out everywhere – and you had to suffer it.. because ‘they’ new best. We had to save to buy an alternative album and really hope it lived up to the fanzines/nme/melody maker/sounds hype or get a snatchet of sound on John Peel and hope he had read the name correctly.

        what haunted graffiti gives me is huge flashbacks to that shit sound engulfing my teenage years that I was powerless to turn off – to me it just isn’t FUNNY – that’s why we invented Nick Cave.

  6. First off, thanks S&S for your work on these every month. Massive, massive amounts of time involved, and we’re lucky to have it.

    I hesitate to exclude anyone based on a once-through, but I did.

    These ones caught my ear, but I’ll bet you’ve picked the best so need for more: Golden Filter ( a bit Black Box Recorder), Ty Segall (a bit noisy…but there’s that Ramones’ handclap thing), The Drums (in spite of myself).

    I deffo need to hear more of these: Tame Impala, Mates of State, Beach Fossils

    Villagers – I’ve had this album on iPod for a couple months trying to decide what to do with it. I kind of like the songs (I’m a sucker for ‘literary’ stuff I can sort of understand; makes me feel smart and with it) but the music doesn’t seem to do that much.

    Peggy Sue – I gave the album a few spins when Maddy reviewed it a few months back and kept going back to how much they sound like Alela Diane a lot of the time and how much I’d just rather put on an Alela Diane record.

    Nina Nastasia – Now this is eerie. I spent the morning listening to Nina’s first couple of albums a couple times through each. Dunno why. And then I read she had a new one coming out and just got it in this afternoon. Will reserve judgement/comment until I’ve had quality time with the album.

    • Villagers has a subtlety or boringness*
      but it does creep in for me.. I like the layering, without it being shoved down your throat – really understand your point though – and what you do with it is: wait for a perfect subject on RR – and then get peeved when they ignore a blatant perfect song!

      (*delete your choice)

      back tomorrow tin with more points…

      • what you do with it is: wait for a perfect subject on RR – and then get peeved when they ignore a blatant perfect song!
        So carry on as usual is what you are saying

      • nice of you to draw the statistical comparison but we’re not hardly in the same league. You go through long periods of not nominating songs

  7. I managed to listen to most of these sporadically and couldn’t find much to dislike.

    I really like everything i’ve heard from Villagers, and I really liked this tune too. Is the album worth getting?

    I liked the Nina N too and will definitely look out for a copy of the album

    I know what you mean about Ariel Pink (That was a brilliant brilliant rant by the way!!). I first came across him about 4 or 5 years ago and he was being hyped up even then (in the low low underground of US indie rock circles that is) but it just sounded dull as shit to me!! Looks like I was right!

    • How about we just leave the presents until this time tomorrow. That way no one goes to get something and finds it gone.

      and thanks. I have one to add I think. will check in a bit

      • sorry tin – i shouldn’t try and be subtle.. I will club you over the head in future and send you in the right direction.

        I see you have got the Mates of States too ( i was going to upload it tomorrow – but no need now) it’s a strange thing to have done – but I’m not that familiar with the originals (ties in with Blimpys idea) – so I can’t really comment on their quality – Nada Surf did a covers album too that I was sent this month ‘If I Had A Hi-Fi’ but I know the originals on that – so can be a lot more critical.

      • Reporting back – The Chap became a bit wearing over the course of an album, though there’s some good stuff going on.

        Beach Fossils I absolutely loved. Very JAMC-doing-their-quiet-melodic-stuff – which is fine by me.

        Wild Nothing – still convinced this is Swedish – meandered at times, but swoonsomely lovely at its best.

        I’ll listen to Wolf Parade when I’m not supposed to be working.

      • I came to the same verdict with the chap – one for the mix tapes…. (and not to get in BARS RR subject when a perfect song for it appears- there is the slightest possibility that it hadn’t been released yet – when I did nom it – but let’s not split hairs – I was robbed)

    • I put an album in a Blimpy file in Dropbox for you to listen to… but I see from a comment above that you have it already – so I’ve deleted it again… there – NO SUBTLETY at all.

      Don’t work too hard, it hurts the head – I’m told
      (really not that experienced on such matters – faffing about with paints and designs never seems too taxing really – I do do something that pays me, but I don’t really concentrate on that – thank the lordie for auto pilot I say.

      • To be honest, editing hip-hop honeys bouncing around on a green screen isn’t too much like hard work (yet….!)

        Am now going to listen to the above tracks.

  8. A big yes for The Silver Columns!


    What do we call it?


    Tell us what you call it?

    • it’s like my speed garage compilation that was the hot new big thing for two weeks in Iaya napa – in 2000 (ish) but was killed by electroclashes eyelashes.

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