Say No To Love

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are back with a new one, looks like they’re not resting on their laurels after bagging the number 2 slot in my albums of 2009 list and it’s boding well so far.

Warning: if vaguely twee c86 indie guitar pop offends your sensibilities do NOT watch the above video, it’s so damn nice and lovely you may well be sick into your hat.

For comparative purposes I’ve put something similar from the early 90s after the jump

8 thoughts on “Say No To Love

  1. I’ll say yes to that one. Lovely. Incidentally, how’d you do the “Continue reading” thing? I’m rather aware I’ve taken up a lot of page space on my post…

  2. That was gorgeous! Nice and lovely, but don’t feel like being sick in my hat at all, it’s summertime after all. Thanks!
    (PS – Bottom video says no longer available, maybe just not in my country?)

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