One For Steenbeck

Claire, cos you like The Clash and hip-hop, here’s the UK grime approximation for ya (I know I may have posted this before, so apols if so)

Hope you had a good one sweetie.

26 thoughts on “One For Steenbeck

  1. LOVE IT! Many thanks, Blimpy.

    Is that who is here? I wasn’t sure who it was, but it seems like the same fellow. Apologies if I’m wrong. (wouldn’t be the first time!)

    I don’t know about who else stole from the Clash, but it was the funniest thing…yesterday we went on an adventure…on the way out we heard on one radio station…

    and on the way back, we heard on ANOTHER radio station…this…

    So…it was two things the Clash had covered!! And it was Mick Jones’s birthday, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the post, BLimpy.

      • I dunno, I always thought it was pot…because the Gorillaz seem to be all about that. But what the heck do I know?

        Tinie Tempah? He was good, but I’ve never heard of him. Is he named after the vegetarian meat substitute tempeh?

        I read on some obscure publication (the Guardian? maybe?) that Snoop did a good job on Clint Eastwood at Glastonbry. It’s wonderful how the song can change completely based on who fills in there.

  2. Me and the missus cranked this one out from the car sound system recently much to the bemusement of younger passers-by:

    we did indeed keep it old-skool that day!

      • the best one off that CD is this:

        it’s absolutely heartbreaking, and i think it;s been mentioned on RR before (poss by Rich)

  3. Hmmmm….first thought…

    It seems to be a long-term love song. So maybe something that separates two people from the frenetic hip hop honey action….maybe even from the beat itself.

    So maybe a Madison dance -in-band-a parte moment. Somehow doesn’t even need to fit into the (well it is a bit predictable) rhythm of the song. Well, obviously, it would have to fit, but not in the way everything else does.

    Maybe two people break out of the expected dance to do something more old fashioned and personal…anachronistic, but we’d all get it… And you could change the filming style, but not in-your-face…you know, not color to b&w, something more subtle.

    Just first thought. I’ll think on it…

    • yeah totally – the romance needs to make the video step sideways and break away from booty shaking cliche to something more “real” and “meaningful”

      it’s very hard when working within genre.

      • It’s a fine line, on a low budget. But any way to break out of the expected chaos – to get two people aside in some different light. Can you animate them? Have them step through a picture graffiti-d on a wall?

        It can be fun to defy genre cliches.

    • Ooh, you could somehow cut/fade/ melt to them as an old couple, in rocking chairs…you’d know it’s the same couple because, I don’t know…they’d be wearing the same bright red something or other, … But they’d be nodding their head to the beat like all the animals in Ms Jackson.

      You could do some sort of dreamy blueish light, with maybe the bright red standing out…I CAN SEE IT! ANd then back to the dancing…

      Sorry…it’s the heat, it’s going to my head.

      • And they can be wearing t-shirts that say MATE 4 LIFE.

        Okay, I’m done now, I’m going into the air conditioning. If I think of anything more rational, I’ll be back.

        Thanks for this post, Mr. McFlah.

  4. This annie Lennox cover almost killed the song for me, but who knew Guru did a mix? Not sure it saves it, mind you…

    How do you make the youTubes show up as pictures?

    • Yikes, that tune murders both the clash and that classic soul2soul beat!!:

      … you have to type square bracket youtube equals sign youtube address close square bracket….

  5. they could be slicing 4 eva into their arms with razor blades – then animate the blood into a snog. (the yoof wont know the reference – but we will)


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