Enormous sigh of relief…

We’ve had a very fraught couple of days, as Jasper the male model cat didn’t come back on Thursday evening; he’s stayed out all night once or twice, but never longer than that. Cue several days of wandering the locality calling, leafleting neighbours, ringing the local vets and imagining ever more ghastly possibilities (stolen? poisoned? eaten by badgers made desperate by recent dry spell?). It all cast a bit of a pall over our first ever festival experience… Was all set to appeal to the collective prayer power of the ‘Spill – well, it worked for Mnemonic – when he turned up in a neighbour’s garage, which had been searched once already but he was too shy to come out…

12 thoughts on “Enormous sigh of relief…

  1. So glad you found him. I feed our local badger, Sparky and I sit behind the trellis in the twilight and watch him eating. I think Sparky is more likely to eat the badger than vice versa – or squash him, anyway. Not so much Pirelli model as Michelin Man.

  2. Excellent news, ‘Hach.

    By the way, I think I’m wearing DsMam down in my crusade to reintroduce a feline prescence to the DsD household.


    Slowly slowly, mind. I can’t see her completely giving in this side of the September return to school.

    • There’s always the webcore approach. Just borrow one for a few days while you “try to find a him new home”. Works a treat. Probably how we obtained most of our cats.

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