The Climber – AKA, give a man enough rope and he’ll write a Songstory.

All photographs copyright Sean Kelly/Inge Tillere by permission.

Bergen Moi?

Those with long Spill memories may remember a post about a trip to Norway for the world premiere of Judge Smith’s Songstory ‘The Climber’. Well the choir involved were recorded during that trip and and the piece came back to Judge Smith’s studio where fairy dust was added in liberal quantities … leading to a release of the finished article just last month.

Weirdly, friend of a friend, I got the call to fanboy heaven and together with my mate Sean am gearing up to chat to Judge about this and other projects on London’s fabulous Resonance FM this very night. The show is Johny Brown and Inge Tillere’s ‘Mining For Gold’ , between 11.30 and 00.30 BST.

Judge and John Ellis (Vibrators/Gabriel/Hammill/Stranglers) are doing some live numbers and if anyone is interested in hearing me talk nonsense in dulcet tones just follow this link.

I should do a whole post on Resonance FM at some point, I was thinking about it whilst reading the ‘Outsider Music’ discussion this week.  It’s kind of ‘Outsider Radio’, broadcasting in London but available everywhere on the web. In the meantime, bookmark and bung it on in the background, see what you think.

2 thoughts on “The Climber – AKA, give a man enough rope and he’ll write a Songstory.

  1. Always very cool to interact with your heroes. Prefer to stay outside though, sounds like a proggy Andrew Lloyd Webber musical to my uneducated ears. Each to their own.

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