But wait, there’s more!!

Shoegazer provides the theme song for this post,

Bishbosh added a song and the greeting…

Best bishbosh birthday wishes, Blimpy! Sending you a bit of Prolapse (mm, nice!) as I thought you might appreciate a Scots bloke yelling about something other than the England team being crap! Have a good one, mate. Bb

And Alimunday wraps it up with a song we know Blimpy likes!

28 thoughts on “BBP

  1. Hey Steen

    me jumped the gun, I think. It was probably still uploading! Great work. Thanks for organising this.

    Happy birthday blimpy. Lots of love from Spain!

  2. Happy Birthday Blimpy & congrats to all you England Fans. Seems you’ve got just the Germans to worry about next & the U.S. has the whole African continent rooting against them. Anyway Cheers!

  3. Aw thanks guys, you are all so kind and lovely!

    I am now looking forward to going to work so I can listen to the delights above! I’d totally forgotton it was even my birthday today, until I dropped in here!

  4. Steenbeck; it’s always a great pleasure to hear your voice

    Miserable Scottish Indie indeed, Abahachi!! Funny, but it always cheers me up, absolutely great choice of song, love it!

    Nilpferd – whodda thought RunJAMC would be so influential! Great tune, but I’m still not sure what “steez” is??!

    ‘Panther – 1991, hahaha spot on with the year zero; I do have a Spinanes album somewhere in my collection; reminds me of a more innocent time (and one that’s rapidly fading into the past)

    Maki!! Yay! Fab tune, great horns on it -superb!

    Hips for Scotland is a personal fave, what were the other tracks in that section?

    The Hand! Is that a live version?

    Wow this has all gone completely bonkers all of a sudden! Shane you are a mad genius!

    Steen great end tune and outtro, and a million thanks to everyone – it’s made my morning at work damn fine, you lovely lovely ‘spillers!

    • Hey blimpy – happy birthday –
      I’ve crawled out of my pit (again – I’m not very well – and had to edit out a lot of ‘Very Rock and Roll’ – throwing up yesterday morning while trying to do that!!) sorry about the sound.. can’t hear a thing at the moment (not that I’d know how to do it better, if I was well). The withered hand is just badly put in – I’ll do you a playlist when I get on the other computer – and remember what I did!!!

      anyway – a very happy birthday young man.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Blimpy!

      Shane, great to hear your voice – loved your part of the podcast! Hope you’re feeling better now.

  5. Good morning everyone! I have a sinking feeling that people have sent me tunes to include in the list, and they got lost in the muddle of my email. If that is the case, please LET ME KNOW! And I will try to fix it. Organizational skills don’t seem to by my strength.

  6. Happy Birthday Mr McFlah! General rubbishness prevented me from contributing to the podcast (that and the demands of 2 small children – ha! You’ll discover…) but I’d have sent this – sure you know it anyway, and even if the band come from Oxford, they have a Scottish name.

  7. @ steen – well done for putting this together and my apologies for not contributing. I’m just too busy at the moment. Should really be working right now …

    @ blimpy – hope you have a poptastic day. You have my continued gratitude for all you do around these parts. Lang may yer lumb reek!

  8. Eek, did I do something *not quite right* to get a special mention? Maybe just insisting on a written message! Hope you’re having a good ‘un, Blimps.

  9. Cheers Blimpy! Have a good one!
    And get well soon Shane..
    (Steez is what it takes to mash up something like RunJAMC on a wine lubricated RR evening)

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