You typing to me?

Here’s one from the NY Times Magazine for those who think they know more than a …. you know, one of those…oh grrr, it’s right on the tip of my tongue, too. I was losing -2 to 8 when I stopped to post this, but I feel a rush of cleverness coming on.

BEWARE: If you say I don’t know, you aren’t penalized. If you answer incorrectly, points are deducted.  As we have now learned, you can only play once.


The Watson Trivia Challenge

Play against I.B.M.’s question-answering supercomputer. Read Article | Video Play Video

28 thoughts on “You typing to me?

  1. First go, I lost 0-25, but had dived straight in without reading the instructions. And I’ve never seen Jeopardy. Second go, with full knowledge, follows.

  2. Oh, cobblers! Didn’t realise that it’s a one-use quiz! Beaten by Tincanman with no chance of revenge. The shame.

    • But now we know WB, and I have added a note to the post so others may gain from our losses. Not exactly In Flanders Fields, but still, there’s the satisfaction in knowing that all who come after us, um, do so with … ah, fuck it Lets face it, nice guys finish last.

  3. What is Hasbro ?

    Playdoh, Playskool toys & Parker Brothers games.

    Umm, is that a real question – what is Hasbro ?

    And as for being over sticky on a question covering Batman & Robin . . . listen, computer, I don’t take well to artificial unintelligence.

    Having said that, this computer does seem to be good.

    Let’s see how it all plays out in the end.


  4. And it only seems to speak American.

    What is Whirlpool ?

    Apparently it is Maytag & KitchenAid Appliances.

    This is good, all good. Now, when I’m beaten by this computer thing I can pour scorn on the system and relax in the knowledge that it was asking regionally biased questions.

    Try asking about how to pour a Guinness, go on, I dare you . . .


  5. Clearly it is doing exactly the same questions, as I got those damned ‘parent company of US products I’ve never heard of’ questions as well. Is 44-6 better than girly swot Tatanka’s 56-19?

  6. You mean Watson isn’t learning from his mistakes ? He’s getting the same questions wrong even after the computer (the other one) tells him the correct answer. Dude, this computer intelligence stuff has a long way to go.


  7. What I want to know is how we can be sure that the computer isn’t just doing a quick Google search; if I was allowed to do that I’d certainly have been able to get the Hasbro question…

  8. Tinny: With all that green on the screen how come you only got 1 point? Is it because you competed on every question and lost points? I beat him 19 – 16 by saying I don’t know.

  9. hmm, no sign of WB since I gave him my kidney. Wonder if I should have explained that Blood Type O meant there is a typo in the blood type field on the spec sheet? Nah, its all red. Big deal. If you cut me, do I not bleed?

  10. Did anyone else get this?
    Q. Sing a song about one of these, a sailor’s bag for small articles.
    Watson’s answer: Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

  11. If you cut me, do I not bleat?
    I sure do.

    Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

    I saw that, the answer was Ditty Bag; I believe that our first Guru, Dorian, gave out the now fabled RR Ditty Bag back in the Dark Hedges. Heheh, he can never have envisaged that we would have had to move on to The Marconium in order to future proof our ditty storage. What a chump.

  12. I said stovetop hat instead of stovepipe. I think that was the difference between my chump score instead of my more normal chimp score

  13. I’m here, Tin; if you have a spare liver to go with the kidney, I’d be very grateful. This football lark is hard work, I’m telling you. Not to mention the rugby. Yesterday’s stint in front of the Sky box in the pub started at 09:30 to see Wales once again flatter to deceive before taking a hosing in the second half against the All Blacks, who annoyingly lived up to their boast as the Best Team In The World Even Though We’re Not World Champs.
    Annoyance doubled when the Saes (= English, whom I love dearly except in sporting events) (especially Algeria 0 – 0 England) held on to beat Australia in Sydney by a point. Then Italy put up a far more spirited display than Wales in losing 29-13 to the real World Champs, South Africa in their back yard. That game overlapped with Holland v Japan, so I was stubbornly watching one TV with the rest of the pub watching the footie on a screen above my right shoulder.
    Then I watched the Socceroos lose out on a win thanks to a referee being constrained to apply the letter of the law – no interpretation, no application of experience; the ball hit an arm in the area, therefore it’s a penalty, the man was on the line, therefore it’s a red card. It’s a bugbear of mine, keeping the humanity in sport – buggerbear the video refs and the chip-in-the-ball, if you ask me. Let the referee decide, and let him (her) be human, warts ‘n all.
    Later, I watched Cameroon, my ‘Spillstake pick, become the first team to be eliminated from the World Cup, prolonging the Williamsbach Kiss Of Death sporting streak to 1,237 losses. Take my tip, don’t take tips from me on sport…

    Got home at midnight, found out this morning that even lowly Scotland Rugby (sorry Scots, but it’s been true for a number of years now) managed their first ever Southern Hemisphere series win by beating the Pumas of Argentina in Mar del Plata in the second test. Gah.

    Congratulations to Scotland, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Holland and Denmark on their wins, just to prove that I’m not as bitter as the above sounds! When the coffee kicks in, I’ll probably see things in much sunnier terms….

  14. I will try to keep this short WB in case you have another full day ahead sat parked on your arse in a pub. It’s important work for the country, I know, and the government can’t do everything for us so nice of you to pitcher in.

    I thought – and I will I’m sure be corrected – that the rule covers “handling” the ball in the penalty area and therefore when a ball hits a player’s hand or arm the referee must judge whether there was purposeful attempt to gain advantage.

  15. So if a player is standing in front of goal, what does he do with his arms – hold them behind his back? Any spreading could lead to the accusation of making oneself wider, therefore gaining advantage. If a defender stands still with his arms above his head for a free kick, and the ball, ricocheting off another player, hits his hand, is he gaining an advantage?
    I guess I should suck it up and stick with the ref’s decision, but it did seem an unduly harsh decision – nobody in the whole pub thought that there was intent.

  16. PS – All this parking my arse in the pub is contributing to the kind of spreading which definitely makes oneself wider…

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