Happy Birthday SaneShane

More to follow (if we find the Scarlet Blimpernell), but me & Claire wanted you to have something to wake up to on the BIG day. Happy Birthday from Steen & Shoey.

**edit** Happy Birthday Shane! Here’s a wee something that us ‘Spillers put together for you! Have a good one! Blimpy**

35 thoughts on “Happy Birthday SaneShane

  1. Happy birthday Shane!

    Looking forward to hearing this – I sensed something was being planned but had no clue what little surprises you impish lot were up to this time!

    (Raining buckets this side of the little island Shane; hope your day is brighter!)

  2. And a very Happy Birthday from the DsD family too, Shane. Sorry I can’t contribute more bang on the day, but I’m currently well behind on points in my fight with my home hardware. ↲↲Have a good’un, my friend.

  3. cheers all – the z-boy woke me early (I got a job to design a tee late yesterday with quick deadline, so have been up all night designing/ hopefully to get to print stage tomorrow – luckily it went well)

    now to be cheerful – zanes says I want to go swimming, think we’ll go to a pool today, Mundesley in the rain over the weekend was a cold experience.. but my mates kids all jumped in… nutters.

    will listen as soon as I can – thank you so much – shoey and steen… (just slightly worried- in the same way as DsD- that I will lose my work with too much on the computer) It really is time that I spent money on a new one.

    • what great mixes – thanks so much.
      after the weddoes.. Björk singing ‘shane of flowers’ could go in the shane mix – loved Wolfgang Press in there.. all takes me back to being 18 *sigh* (oh I remember – 18 was shite wasn’t it – apart from the great bands I constantly went to see)
      WHAT are you saying with the Jeff Lewis!!!!!
      funny… couldn’t quite hear the Garden Mix (I was making a story book for z-boy) who is that?

      cheers again – I’m deeply touched.

      • Garden was early Goats vs Coldcut (think they stole it from Art of Noise). Should have got Mara to do the drumming to keep it more in time – the enhanced Lewis came out better, but not sure there are going to be too many bands wanting Gazer remixes.

  4. youtube is still processing the video, so the quality should improve immensely in about 20 minutes time or so!

    i do recommend watching it on youtube for the full experience, rather than the wee embedded thingy there.

    • OHHH we love the chasing of the Papa! (did you get a soaking nilpf?)

      that is sooooo excellent – I now feel slightly soppy – shall watch again on the big screen later, thank you all so much for your effort – I really don’t quite know what to say.

      sniff …back later after a swim (that should disguise the watery eyes!!!!!)

  5. Happy Birthday Shane, sorry I couldn’t contribute more, but that video is ace! Anyway, lots of love and many happy returns

  6. Happy Birthday Shane! Didn’t get my act together to contribute garden film/photos, but you need to imagine a long, thin garden, lawn littered with children’s toys, a small oak tree, then the first steps of a vegetable patch – seedlings of spinach, peas, French beans, cauliflowers, and carrot and lettuce seeds just germinating – then the freshly dug earth giving way to a riot of nettles and brambles that I haven’t cleared yet and, until last week, wild bluebells. In the background, you have Joanna Newsom singing about finding a little plot in the garden of Eden (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Greq05zAS9g)

    Anyway, thanks for all the wonderful music over the last couple of years. I guess it’ll all be MOR AOR from here…

  7. Happy Birthday, young man! Having no audio-visual equipment or attractive garden, I’ve only observed from afar the effort that’s gone into this: there are a lot of folks who obviously think of you with great affection. What a lovely present.
    Have an excellent day!

  8. Happy birthday, Saneshane! I enjoyed the video. Sorry I couldn’t contribute. I have four gardens to tend, but I lack the technology to post any pics on the ‘Spill
    Have a great day.

  9. Shane, Happy Birthday! Plant a tree to remember it by!

    Loved the vid. Blimpy did a great job. Very cinematic. First Pearl & Dean and the cartoons, then the trailers – loved Steen’s remake of Blow Up – then the main feature. Edgy hand held camerawork. Then the shoot out, and cut to the chase. Brill.

  10. Many happy returns, Shane! I’d send pics of my garden, but I don’t have one. Traded for a view over rooftops to lake and mountains…

  11. Happy birthday, Shane!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Swimming sounds perfect. Isaac wants to go swimming today, so if you wouldn’t mind taking him along…I’ll pick him up later at your birthday party.

    The tunes were all DJ Shoe. I made the picture…it’s the goblin of fortyyearoldness, he’ll visit you sometime today, but don’t worry, he’s benign.

    The video is wonderful, Blimpy!! Well done and thank you.

  12. Happy birthday Shane! My internet connection’s died, this is my 18 seconds’ worth at the local libraray. back asap


  13. Many happy returns Shane! Have a great one and don’t forget to treat yourself to a wee bit of vinyl…

    The video was ace everyone!

  14. Great job on the vid, Blimpy. Some of the footage seemed 3D – take that James Cameron. Speaking of Avatar, the Hippo myth got debunked – Nilp moved way too fast & Hippos like water.

  15. Yes, but the Way of the Hippo remains intact: remain peaceful and flee confrontation rather than chastising mischievous offspring.

  16. All the best Shane, and a fantastic job Blimpy!

    I did in fact get ever so slightly soaked during the filming of this clip, yes. But I gave as good as I got.
    As regards chastising the offspring, I draw your attention to the drumming clips. She has TWO VERY BIG STICKS. And can also HIT THINGS EXTREMELY HARD.

  17. Happy Birthday Shane. My fortieth was ace and I can still (almost) remember it. No garden to share with you living in a flat as I do but my seemingly indestructible Dracaena Fragans has just flowered for the third year in a row (three stems, three simultaneous flowers). I’ll send you a photo when the flowers turn pink! I’ll be fifty in two years and nine days… time flies!!

  18. Hey thank you again everyone…

    we got a lovely swim – z-boy just kept pushing me in the water … then we went for a pub lunch ( it looked great, sea view, wooden playthings for zane/bouncy castle, flint buildings all round – then they had run out of most food after the bank holiday weekend .. and what we got was gastro pub shite served up on a block of wood – i was bloody starving after I came out and the pepper went all over the table)

    saying that I got ‘the fat duck cookbook’ for my birthday – dave mckean illustrates it – beautiful – and the Airside (lemon Jelly) book too.

    then I went to a couple of artist studios and a friend of Ru’s from New Zealand popped by out of the blue.. so we cooked up a nice Aubergine Lasagna to fill me up finally and discussed building straw bale houses.

    What with the lovely video – I’ve had a swell and relaxing day.. just right for an old man.

    Now – let’s buy some records – yeah hey – it’s June.

    Happy anniversary Steen and David – I did have a nice post lined up for you – but life has got in the way. Hope you both had a beautiful day… Isaac can come swimming any time he likes…(and Malcolm)

  19. Happy birthday Shane. I sent some black tulips from Amsterdam, now living on my balcony but they may have been lost in the ethernet. Forty is fine, fifty’s OK; it’s sixty that’s the bad one so you have a way to go yet!

  20. Aw, now I’m REALLY cross I couldn’t get my video clip to upload! You’ll just have to take my word for it, Shane, that it looked pretty good on the camcorder playback. (Bloody thing will only play the audio track on my PC, so I didn’t send it.)

    Not sure I’ll get my birthday gift to you before we (hopefully) fly out on hols at the weekend, but I hope your 40th was as enjoyable as mine was, and will try to see you soon.

    PS – Great job, all you vid contributors.

  21. I didn’t get anything together for the group effort I’m afraid (I’ve had rather a lot going on recently) but happy birthday from me too.

  22. Video sure shows why Blimpy keeps getting called out to the hills and hip hop halls of Scotland to shoot. Nice to see how a pro does it!

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