Welsh Music Wanted

I’m putting together a mix CD of welsh bands for a thing at work and could do with a wee bit of help!

I need a mix of new and old and some commercial stuff too as it’s for mass audience consumption. I’m also after at least a few tunes sung in Welsh.

Any suggestions (and if possible MP3’s – i’ll optimistically create a new folder in Dropbox) would all be very very warmly appreciated.


38 thoughts on “Welsh Music Wanted

  1. I’ll put in Catatonias ‘international velvet’ for you later.
    sung in Welsh – then “every day when I wake up, I thank the lord I’m Welsh” in English.

    Electric is going off for the Day NOW……………

  2. I’ve put some shamelessly populist stuff into the ‘Box folder for you – if it’s cheesy and it’s in there, it’s probably my fault!

  3. Do they have to be famous? There is of course MrStepAbahachi’s (rather good imbo) folktronica group, some of whose songs are in Welsh. I’ll add a couple of songs when I get a moment.

  4. Wow! Thanks for the quick response everyone – everything looks great…

    ….how could I have forgotten Goldie Looking Chain??!

  5. Duffy, Man, Stereophonics, Catatonia, The Alarm, Budgie, and, of course, Shakey Himself, the Welsh Elvis…

  6. Got a rather wonderful comp thing called Welsh Rarebeat 2 – wish I had 1 even though have no idea what on earth they are saying or even who are bands or solo artistes.

  7. thanks for all the dropboxing everyone….is there any better crack team of kind people on the blogosphere?? I think not!

    It looks like it might have to be a double CD!

    @williamsbach – i’ll definitely put some Shakey on there, he was my idol when I was a kid!

    @Shoey – thanks so much for the Welsh Rarebeat 2, actually, I DO have Welsh Rare Beat 1, it’s pretty ace. I wish I could even begin to pronounce the song titles

  8. Just dropped a bit of Super Furries and Gorky’s in there. It’s looking like quite a nice little playlist.

    Wish I had to do something like this for work. bah

  9. No problem – know how to get hold of #1 now.

    Don’t forget Los Campisanos – even if they are trying to disguise as Mexicans.

  10. You lot are bloody amazing, here’s me thinking ‘Men of Harlech’ by the band of the Welsh Guards and you instantly come up with this lot, who I should add, I’ve never even heard of.

  11. All my Meic Stevens is un-digitised but he’d be worth checking out as one of the first welsh language folk rockers.

    Also, there was that version of the Welsh national anthem a couple of years back that might have been played by Jimi Hendrix. You might not find that but Titch Gwiylm’s will be there somewhere.

  12. TY – there’s a Meic Stevens track that is my favourite on the above mentioned Welsh Rare Beat 1 compilation and was my first thought for the mix.

    @Shoey – I’ll try to DropBox WRB1 in the not too distant future…but it might take a while to transpose the whole lot as i’ve got it on vinyl…

    cheers SKP!

    @GF – Band of the Welsh Guards should (and will!) definitely be on it, another one I would never have thought of without everyones kind help…

  13. and I have contributed the finest two songs by Deke Leonard’s Man who were an amazing band – both off gatefold-sleeve fold-out Map Of Wales LP “Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day”

    I then dropped a coupla classic Manics tunes

    it simply had to be done my friends

  14. In passing – left a few, but as this is me they’re in WMA format – hope you can convert. The Meic Stevens contributions are from his “Outlander” album, which some reckon to be the greatest of all Welsh albums – ever. (I’m not in an argumentative mood.) Trees weren’t a Welsh band, but as they lived in a commune at Arthog and “Murdoch” is about cattle-rustling on the slopes of Cader Idris I’ve dropped it anyway…

  15. International Velvet – Catatonia 1998
    Painting People Blue – Gruff Rhys 2007
    Ymaelodi A’r Ymylon – Super Furry Animals 2000
    Monster (Culprit One Remix) – Automatic 2006
    You Need Satan More Than He Needs You – Future Of The Left 2009
    Clarinet Town – Hot Puppies 2007
    Waiting For Jane – The Gentle Good 2007
    The Unfilmable Life And Life Of… – Spencer McGarry Season 2007
    More Life In A Tramps Vest – Stereophonics 1997

    chucking these in a folder for you – you might get a week of lessons at this rate.

    you will be able to take on Welsh a-z duties by the end!

    ps – they might not all be great* but varied I hope.

    *cool indie shenanigans like.

  16. Panther: As usual I was confused, I thought I remembered Harlech as being choral, just checked spotty and there’s only instrumental versions there though there’s plenty if you search under ‘Welsh music’.

  17. I’d try to include Aberystwyth’s finest, Murry the Hump: how about Cracking Up?

    The whole of their great lp Songs of Ignorance is on Spotify, I also love Five and The House That Used To Be A Ship or Green, Green Grass of Home, which isn’t the Tom jones song!I’d also recommend The Crocketts, who became The Crimea. I remember Davey playing all these songs in Rummers and at my 25th birthday: here’s Blue Dog. Warning, contains swears.

    Yep to Catatonia (Bleed for pref), Gorkys (Patio Song for a lovely Welsh bit about how it’s raining in the middle eight), SFA (Hometown Unicorn? Man Don’t Give A Fuck?) and definitely Los Campesinos!Current fave is Straight in At 101, which has the immortal line “I think we need more post-coital and less post-rock/Seems like the build-up takes forever, still you never touch my cock”. Oh yes.
    Melys’ Cuckoo was a big Peel fave.

  18. Oooh, The Darling Buds’ You’ve Got To Choose: Newport, dontcha know? And has no-one mentioned Lostprophets *cough*?

  19. I nearly put Lostprophets version of ‘Boys don’t cry’ in…

    but there is variety and then there’s sacrilege!

    (that was my fav line from Los Campesinos! very funny indeed)

  20. The Crocketts ! I directed one of their pop promos back in 2001 (I think) it’s a great song called Host. On you tube somewhere but it doesn’t say magicman anywhere, heh heh. So they’re called The Crimea huh. I told ’em the Crocketts was a duff name. Good band.
    Catatonia exactly.
    Next week : Bosnian music

  21. And Kalyr will overdose you on the prog, as Wiki says Panic Room, Karnataka and The Reasoning are all Welsh.

    Sorry I couldn’t help with anything actually in Welsh, ‘Panth.

  22. Ooh, apparently I’ve put a ‘conflicted copy’ of A Design For Life in the Box – not sure what that means exactly!

  23. thanks so so much everyone…much more than I could have hoped for and a great great playlist for me to use.

    @GF – I found a choral version of it in Youtube…..

    @LittleMissIndie – thanks for the suggestions and links….gave me a chance to use my new favourite internet toy that converts Youtube videos to MP3

  24. Don’t have access to music collection or dropbox from here – so don’t even know how the playlist’s shaping up.

    Some good Welsh language stuff not mentioned so far – Gerain Jarman (of course, Gwesty Cymru’s my particular fave), Edward H (Uffern Ar Y Ddaear, Smo Fi Ishe Mynd) Eliffant, Trwynau Coch (Methu Dawnsio, Radio Cymru) Anhrefn, Saeth Rhyfeddod.

  25. I’m attempting to upload some Gene Love Jezebel, from Porthcawl you know and a song by Feeder too. If I still owed anything by Tigertailz you’d be getting that too, be afraid, be very afraid. 🙂

  26. apparently Julian Cope can be claimed as Welsh, although place of birth isn’t everything in my opinion, but if you needed any more there is another idea, looks like a great list so far!

    @Abahachi, I joined the Trwbador facebook page at your suggestion and really like them, thanks!

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