Queen Jane

At TatankaYotanka’s suggestion (nay, he insisted) I went to see Jane Siberry last night at the Mill in Gatehouse of Fleet. Well.

I’d barely heard of her before, except for having the kd lang album with some of her songs on it, but TY said she was doing the sort of tour where people invite her to come and sing in their houses and get all their friends round. This gig was actually in an arts centre but it had that homelike feel, and I’ve never experienced a show like this before – not so much a concert as an extended poetic conversation with embedded songs. She played keyboards and acoustic guitar (not electric as in the clip – but it’s otherwise very similar, even to her outfit) and had some backing tracks on an iPod. Very funny. Very moving. Very profound. Blimpy, you won’t have a category for this one.

5 thoughts on “Queen Jane

  1. Like her quite a lot – a low-fi, Canadian version of Laurie Anderson is the best I can do to describe her stuff.

    Am missing the weekly TFD folky playlists since the Spillmove btw.

  2. I went to see her in a yoga space in London two or three weeks back. Me, my sister and 30 or so others – including a very feisty June Brown (aka Dot Cotton) and David McAlmont. Who got up and sang Jane’s song “The Valley” (as covered by kd). Real shivers down the spine/tears in the eyes stuff. Just a really special evening all round. Sounds like you had a similar experience, tfd – hurrah for Tatanka’s insistent ways!

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