Ninja Tune mix 2

Part two of the Ninja Tune mix features electronic down beat jazzy shit.

Wagon Christ Saddic Gladdic Sorry I make you lush
Ammoncontact Through the moon One in an infinity of ways
London Funk Allstars Give it to me raw Coldkrushcuts
DJ Food Scratch yer head Recipe for disaster
Mr. Scruff Shrimp Trouser Jazz

Wagon Christ It is always now all of it is now Musipal
Rainstick Orchestra Overflow Floating glass key in the sky
Yppah I’ll hit the breaks You are beautiful at all times
The Cinematic Orchestra Channel one suite Remixes
9 Lazy 9 Grazing Maize Sweet Jones
London Funk Allstars Love is what we need Coldkrushcuts

11 thoughts on “Ninja Tune mix 2

  1. Ack – too much good stuff to listen to on the ‘Spill!!!! I still have to catch up with part one. But first…the park.

  2. this is excellent as ever – good old ninja lovely to listen to this morning…

    Coldkrushcuts and Trouser Jazz i have, the rest familiar but not from discs that I own.. I think the Wagon video was posted on RR when I first noticed you nomming Ninja tunes.

    I’ve been through two of DJ Foods mixes on his site – and remember how much I like this stuff – tunes indeed.

  3. I was thinking how many great AV clips there are of Ninja Tunes stuff.. sadly I never managed to see Coldcut live here, though they’ve been through a number of times. That particular Wagon Christ clip is one I know intimately, having played it for Mara about 150 times when she was 6. It’s one of my all-time favourite clips, I love it when the little guy’s eyes pop out… I normally pop it up whenever anyone mentions “MUSIC VIDEOS”. I probably mentioned it first on the Songs about radios theme.

    And I do have half an eye on the Spurs/City MBM.. even though I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow.. though champions league footy never seems to suit teams I support, if Stuttgart is anything to go by..

  4. Well the much anticipated NT collabo effort didn’t disappoint, another awesome playlist, you guys should be compilers for Ninja Tunes!

  5. Cheers Ejay, lets hope NT sees it the same way..;-)
    Shoey’s up next, with all the stuff shane and I deliberately didn’t post..

  6. Tough acts to follow – great picks. Will see if I can find some tangentals. Maybe some early Coldcut (if it’s not aged too much) & some ambient Tobin.

  7. Definitely Tobin, I was thinking he deserves to get some coverage, but I only have a smattering myself. And early Coldcut is always worth listening to.

  8. Enjoyed that very much. Especially cinematic orchestra and London Funk Allstars. Ninja Tunes/artists always have the best names

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